Happy Birthday Twiggy

PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

‘They’re having a birthday party for the old English lady,’ Stanley told Yolanda.

‘Lesley Hornby?’ said Yolanda.

‘All the old men in our neighborhood have a crush on her,’ said Stanley. ‘They call her Thinny or Skinny or something.’

‘I heard she was famous long ago,’ Yolanda said. ‘in the days of some war in Viet Nam. Supposedly she was what they called boss and gear.’

‘Ah well,’ Stanley said. ‘Every era has its share of hotties. Let the old goats have their fun.’

They then took a ride on their bicycles.

Rochelle Wisoff~Fields welcomes one and all back to her weekly Swingin’ Soiree Wednesday Friday Fictioneers. The 19th of this month was Twiggy’s 73rd birthday which makes her pert near precisely an entire decade older than I. In her honor Froggy will be doing the Pony like Bony Maroney(Oooooooh) at the East Elmhurst A Go Go.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Twiggy

  1. authorfleurl says:

    Ohh cute story! We are never to old to crush on someone or something lol. I don’t say hottie anymore…I got into a bit of strife at Big W when I asked the staff where I would find the hotties… I meant a hot water bottle, but my generation in NZ called them a hottie. So I got looks!

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