perverted priorities

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it’s a sick world after all

This May 22 Ireland, a once sane, decent country, allowed homosexuals to marry, thereby welcoming back all the snakes that were long ago eradicated by St. Patrick.  Early today the United States’ Roberts Supreme Court, to their irreversible shame and disgrace, made the same inexcusable decision. For one thing it’s intrinsically impossible, by definition, for people of the same sex to marry. Besides that they’ve entirely outlawed, in practice, the First Amendment to the Constitution. By using the camouflage of civil rights and equality, the pro-homosexuality will now be able to treat freedom of religion in general, and Christianity specifically, as if they are somehow violation of their very dignity as human beings. We’re now on the verge of following in the totalitarian footsteps of Robespierre’s Revolutionary France, Bismarck’s Kulturkampf, and Hitler’s Nazis. This is nothing to be taken the least bit lightly.

the perils of religion and politics

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”

Logically, in our type of free society, the ability and right to discuss religion and politics should, by definition, be presupposed. Unfortunately, however, such topics have always led to much bitterness and vitriol. We are now living in a country where bitterness and resentment always seem to abound in discourse. As far as I’m concerned I’ve always quite enjoyed a nice polite debate. Because, however, so many people are so entirely polarized, it’s quite impossible for anyone to have anything to say, no matter how reasonable or how intelligently thought out, without his being automatically accused of being either racist, anti-semitic, a hypocrite, or in violation of some other liberal pseudo-civil right. A couple of weeks ago, I expressed my belief about homosexuality on Facebook. Someone on my friend list accused me of being in violation of a most flagrant liberal obsession. When I explained to him that I have no major objection to the Tea Party, and that I may even vote for Ted Cruz, he immediately left my friend list. My niece and her friends just went on their high school’s senior class trip to Puerto Rico. When she got home she explained that they got into trouble, and accused of being racists, merely because they referred to a black policeman as black. Each time I read the comments on Youtube or some other internet site, I see a bottomless pit of accusations of racism, anti-semitism, hypocrisy and all kinds of other things, merely because someone had the nerve to contradict a cherished obsession. Lately I’ve been reading two books about anarchism. Like liberalism and socialism, it’s a worldview that demands acceptance from others, and refuse to treat them with respect in return. There’s something awfully seriously wrong with people these days. http://theflavoredword.com/2015/04/21/calling-all-mad-hatters-speak-up-and-speak-your-truth/

life is too short to let the liberals get away with anything

Life is too short to let the liberals get away with anything. For as long as I can remember liberals, starting with those Norman Lear shows, have been telling us how they have decided we’re expected to run our lives. They pit the races, sexes and other demographic groups against each other, constantly perpetuating the lie that today’s generation of whites, Christians and men (all of whom they so bitterly despise) should be somehow required to be held accountable for yesterday’s evils that were perpetuated upon long-ago women and minorities. They want an entirely atheistic, materialist world where the almighty state reigns supreme over one and all. They give entirely too much credibility to famous people. They try to dictate to us all the terms by which we shall be expected to live, including sexuality, food, communication, education and storytelling. They do all they possibly can to control the narrative (entertainment industry) and didactic (education) side of how people perceive reality. They have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the right to life so how can they possibly respect liberty or the pursuit of happiness? I recently have heard and read that they are now pushing for after-birth abortion. We simply can’t possibly afford to allow this to go on.








all i want is the truth. just gimme some truth

If I could have a vial of truth serum and could give it to someone, with his consent, it would have to be Barack Obama. I should like to ask Obama what he could finds so impressive about reverse discrimination, the moslems, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and all the other things that are on the liberal agenda.  I don’t have any interest in guns but the more I’ve thought it through, the more I’ve come to recognize that if the government has the right to disarm forcibly the people, that’s yet another step to a totalitarian state. I should like to ask Obama by what right does he presume to think for one second that destruction of the family unit as the basic fundamental building block of society is a good thing. Liberals are notoriously distrustful of the common man. As a well-educated self-proclaimed elite, they have declared themselves more qualified than the average American to do him the big favor of running his life for him. He has even been known to have considered giving the arts and humanities a cabinet post, creating a department of culture. That would be a hideous mistake, to allow the government to dictate their terms to us in that world. When the government controls our story telling and symbolism, we’re in big trouble. It would be nice if we could have the satisfaction of an explanation for all this poisonous agenda.








Dear Barack Obama,  Martin Luther King Jr. once looked “…to a day when people will not be judged  by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  That’s exactly what most certainly did not happen in the 2008 and 2012 elections. People stooped to voting for you only because you’re black. You’re not even entirely black anyway. Voting for someone simply because he’s black is precisely as unethical as voting for him just because he’s white. You’re in favor of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, reverse discrimination and all the rest of the liberal agenda.  How could anyone with your ideas possibly be even the least bit worthy of the presidency or the Nobel Peace Prize.  You once claimed that you wouldn’t want either of your daughters to be punished with a baby just because of her having made a mistake, as if having a baby is a bad thing. You’re a follower of characters like Saul Alinsky, who wholeheartedly advocated the abandonment of morals and ethics as impediments to political success. Alinsky’s book, “Rules For Radicals” is dedicated to Lucifer.  Most recently you showed the United States military absolutely no respect whatsoever by expecting them to hold your umbrella, and by saluting them with a coffee cup. This letter is only a very brief synopsis of the reasons I could never condone your being President.







revolting imagery

Each and every single day lately I have been forcibly confronted with all sorts of unbearably nauseating repugnant sights.   People on the internet are constantly showing pictures of people with all sorts of exceptionally bad physical deformities.    They show missing skin, limbs, breasts, and all sorts of other drastic handicaps.    It’s gotten to the point where by now is entirely out of control.      I happen to think it’s quite an exceptionally good idea, up to a certain point, to show bad things in all their deformity, if it forces people to think and to do the right thing.    I was around fifteen years old when the Viet Nam War ended.    No one ever hid the scary pictures, posters or newsreels from us kids because people wanted to win support for the claim that we should get out of the war.   I truly think we should do exactly the very same thing now to show people, whether they like it or not, the evils of things like homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia.    I don’t happen to think we should allow people to be even the least bit ignorant about anything of this nature.   Before anyone is so certain that he’s making the right decision about whether to condone things like that, he should know all the relevant facts first.    I can understand, up to a certain point,  why people who are trying legitimately  to collect  money in order to support research toward a cure for a disease or handicap would want to show everyone how bad it truly is.    What I object to, though, is the fact that these images seem to be absolutely everywhere lately.   It’s gotten to the point where it often appears to be more a case of voyeurism than of genuine concern for getting anything done.   







don’t ask don’t tell

There are very many things I should hope no one, even a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, ever so much as dares to ask me.    If she insists on asking anyway, though, here are three that will most certainly not lead to the kinds of answers that will make me terribly popular:


1.)  Don’t even so much as think about asking about abortion.   Now that we’ve gotten to the point that the liberals have convinced us that for a mother to torture her little children to death is entirely within her absolute rights,  and that at the same time to be a liberal is to be the ultimate peacenik, I can’t even so much as presume to begin to tell you how sick that is.

2.)  Don’t even think of asking about homosexuality.    It’s no big secret, available only to the college educated, that homosexual conduct is at its most prevalent in insanely narcissistic cultures.   It’s not permissible and  I’m not going to change my mind, nor am I going to tell you what you want to hear.


3.)  Don’t even think of asking about racism.    The Nazis and Klan, Jim Crow and slavery are all gone.    We are now in the era of it’s-not-what-he-said-it’s-how-he-said-it accusations of supposed crypto-racism.    People who always cry racism at the slightest provocation appear never to have heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.    Liberals try to keep accusing people like me of racism because it foments fear and resentment.    A major part of the entire point of the liberal mentality in the first place is to keep people constantly afraid and resentful of each other.








the worst of scandals

The scandals I truly wish I had never heard of are the ones about the Catholic priests and sexual abuse of minors.    Having always been quite favorably impressed by the Church I’ve most certainly never wanted to see Her reputation tarnished.    One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that Catholic priests and Religious are no more prone toward sexually abusing minors than either ministers or rabbis, or any other demographic  group.   This has been undeniably proven by many studies.    The reason people only want to go after the Catholic clergymen who are involved in this misconduct, while giving others a free pass, is because of our antinomian culture’s bitterly anti-Catholic prejudice.    Liberals resent manhood, fatherhood, and family life.  The Church is the only institution that resists the left’s insatiable determination to take absolute charge over people’s entire lives.   Proponents of the culture of death literally have arrogated to themselves the authority to decide what is good and what is evil.   They feel free to decide who lives and who dies.   All power must be vested, according to them, in the almighty state.   That’s the entire point of artificial contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and everything else they advocate.      People tend to overlook the fact that the priests who are involved in the scandals are always accused of inappropriate conduct with post-pubescent boys, and that this conduct, with regard to age range, is classified as ephebophilia, not pedophilia.    Another problem is that too many people are now determined to deny the evil nature of homosexuality.    Liberals feel free to pick and to choose, so they only condemn the things they don’t like while simultaneously refusing to admit that there’s anything wrong with what they like.   Throughout the entire history of mankind’s existence, liberalism, in its various forms, has echoed Satan’s line: “Ego non serviam”.    The priesthood, therefore, is the perfect symbol of what the left most bitterly resents.    Although each priest who is guilty of any type of sexual misconduct whatsoever should be bitterly ashamed of himself, and should be punished quite harshly, precisely because his vocation is ontologically so far superior to any other,  he should always be assumed innocent until proven guilty.


now goodness knows anything goes

When I was young people would have been absolutely ashamed, beyond belief, to behave the way they do now.   I realize that I sound like a typical old fogey, but it’s quite true.   At least in my young days people pretended to doff their hats to reasonably strict mores.  They accepted the facts both that there was a standard to  be followed, and that they had chosen to reject it.   Now people defiantly laugh at legitimate standards of behavior, claiming that people of bygone eras were all hypocrites.   Isn’t that the typical recourse, though, of all ignorant controlling characters.?  Don’t they all blame the world’s ills on the supposed hypocrisy of those who recognize how wrong their ways are?  In previous decades people would hang their heads in shame rather than presuming to condone homosexuality, abortion and otherwise dysfunctional sexual conduct.   Now anyone who says no to those kinds of things is told how abusive he is and that he is the one who simply must change.   Long ago no one would have ever dared publicly to ridicule Christianity either.   Now Christians are the ones being quite specifically told that we, not the opposition, have something to apologize for and to be ashamed of.    Of course I’m most certainly hep enough to recognize that all these problems have always existed.     It’s just that then they were recognized as having been utterly defiant of the legitimate norm.   It’s reflected quite defiantly in our entertainment, politics, journalism and other media.   By now I’ve gotten used to all the crude vulgar rejection of simple common decency but I still understand that there’s something awfully seriously wrong with a world that sees evil as good and good as evil.   We are now expected to encourage and to reward Planned Parenthood and the A.C.L.U., and to scoff at Chick -Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.