Sunday Whirl

Facebook Freaks Out

Facebook appeared to have pulled a Prank on us yesterday and this morning.  Early yesterday, when I tried to post a few things, or at least to make comments on some Other people’s posts, it was virtually impossible for me to get anything done.



Knowing that Facebook’s rabidly liberal honchos think they have a right to censor anyone who presumes to contradict their obsessions, I Instinctively assumed I was a  target of something like that.



After only a very short time, I got over the slight disappointment of not having my page available, and took advantage of it as an excuse  to give some different sites a chance.



Facebook most certainly isn’t an unavoidably mandatory part of my daily Plan.  Although I’m currently on other sites, including Canadian Underground, Me We, and Blogster, I fully intend to Stick to it, but it’s still not that fabulous.  Among its drawbacks is the fact that people can so easily engage in tactics that Rub each other the wrong way.



In a way, I’m quite surprised that those characters at Facebook have yet to Bar me from their hallowed world.  



I honestly think each of us should spend less time on Facebook.  There’s more to life than endless Chain messages, bad jokes, how to include Capers in a recipe, and political diatribes.  



Each of us should go, as fast as his metaphorical Legs can carry him, toward a healthy, productive Passage from slavery to our era’s biggest social media craze to a more well organized life. Each individual should do it at his own Pace too.



This week’s Wordle asks us to use the words~:   Caper, Legs, Chain, Passage, Pace, Stick, Other, Rub, Prank, Instinct, Plan, Bar.


Both A Pedestrian And A Passenger


My parents both died in late 2013 and  I took over my father’s car, a then~perfect 2001 Saturn.  It lasted until June of last year, when it fell apart completely on me.  I often think that Maybe it’s not quite the best Decision I’ve ever made, but now I walk absolutely constantly, to anyplace that’s within walking distance.  That includes both St. Mary of the Isle, where I attend Mass regularly, and the local soup kitchen, where I work.  Since I can’t walk everywhere, I now use Lyft for trips to places that are farther away than my feet can handle.

So far, my experiences with Lyft have been quite nice, with only one slight problem.  Last Wednesday night, during a snowstorm I wanted a ride to my Knights of Columbus council.   I got a driver who was an exceptionally talkative young black guy.  He said he was from Brooklyn (his accent was more like Jamaica in the Caribbean), and didn’t know Long Beach well.  I understood, but still wasn’t so crazy about the fact that he drove into oncoming traffic on Long Beach Road.  I was forced to Chide him a little.

On the Bright side, I’ve always been able to count upon quite a Smooth Ride.  I can easily overlook that one minor Trial.  Considering that I first got a license in my late teens, life without a car is quite a new and confusing experience, but I consider it Just one more of many I’ve been through over the years.  Maybe the Tide will turn in the Wormhole that is  my life, and I’ll get another car.  Until then, I can just consider my circumstances to be a metaphorical Tithe I can quite easily and happily pay.



Hi, it’s been quite a while, for some strange reason, since I last wrote a post for The Sunday Whirl .  Believe it or not, the preceding is a true story.

John’s and Fran’s Wedding

img_2203I recently went to John’s and Fran’s wedding, where everyone was, like me, Irish and from Queens.

It was an animated night with a wide variety of  loud music, including some songs by the Eagles.



I was careful about the bar, not wanting to get drunk in the company of their family.




I should suppose I shall have a long wait for the day when I shall be able to keep my anxiety about crowds and noise in check.  Until then, though, I can at least have a good laugh about it. For now I can keep on winning people’s hearts with my distinctive charm.




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