Three Things Challenge

A Favorite Of Mine

John Lennon’s always been quite an absolute favorite of mine.  I’m way too young to be able to remember his day though.  He goes back to the time of Nehru jackets, go~go boots, and the mini~Skirt.  It was an era when, unlike now, talent was necessary in order to be allowed to Record music.  On November 9, 1966, at London’s Indica Art Gallery, the founder of the Fab Four first met Yoko Ono, an avant~garde artist from Tokyo.   I’ve never liked Yoko, and I’ve always enjoyed Lennon’s earlier music much more than his latter songs.  It’s always been so very interesting for me though, and provided me with lots of exceptionally enjoyable excuses to ramble on throughout my lifetime.



Welcome back to Paula’s Three Things Challenge .


Imaginary Friends

I’ve just gotten an invitation through the mail.   It’s for a party where all me imaginary friends from the online world will be in attendance.   They have names like Dale, Rochelle, Rory, and Bjorn.  I’ve often noticed that pert near none of me imaginary friends has a typical name.



From what I read on the invitation, there’s supposed to be Pie on the menu. “That’s all?!” I thought aloud.  Upon my then having read more of the invitation, I saw, “Well, that’s all you need!”  



Conveniently, what I really like about this type of imaginary party is that it’s all in me head anway, so I won’t have to be bothered with stocking up on Fuel in order to get there.  I was so a.scared I may have ended up having to go to some far flung foreign country, or even some other part of the U.S.



Of course yet another thing that won’t matter is appearance, so I can get really lazy about attire.   Technically, considering that today’s Dale’s birthday, the least I can do is pretend I’m wearing me Designer stuff.   Even an imaginary attendee has to be a little polite on a special occasion.


Welcome to Paula Light’s Three Things Challenge.  The three words we get to use for this one are:  pie, fuel, and designer


A Wake Up Call

“I’ve always had quite a major problem with Insomnia,”  Bubbele told Querida Mia.  “Even at my very best,” he went on, “I’ve been prone toward waking up several times nightly, then going back to sleep.  Often I can remember my dreams, which tend  to be quite offbeat.”



Querida Mia, dumbfounded, gave him quite  a smirk, as they sat casually in their Basement.   “I find it rather difficult to believe,” she complained, “that your supposed problem is all that impossible to handle.”



“Oh really?” he complained. “Is that so? Well, in that case, perchance you’d like me to explain to you just exactly what kinds of insights I’ve come up with lately by my having meditated for three hours at a time, in the middle of the night, on the fact that ‘Meringue” rhymes with ‘harangue.'”



Here’s me latest attempt at the Three Things Challenge.  The words for this one are:     insomnia, meringue, basement.

Cookies Good

I’ve been reading a lot of theology over the course of the past few decades.   It says here that mankind’s ancient foe, the Serpent, tempted Eve with either an apple or a pomegranate.


One can never tell when he will be subjected to the risk of falling into evil behavior.  Most certainly, a Rainbow often is merely a disguised poison.



That’s why I’ve always liked my Cookie jar.  Cookies represent the absolute epitome of clean~cut and virtuous.


Welcome back yet again to Paula’s Three Things Challenge

Passport Progress

Because I recently got a passport application, today I went to the nearest Walgreen’s on Long Beach Boulevard, to get the necessary photograph.  The woman asked for my name and telephone number.  



Once I’ve gotten a few more necessary details taken care of, I shall be ready to fly.  Up until now, I’ve never traveled any farther than to Florida, Michigan, and Illinois.  The only other country I’ve been to is Canada, and now even they require a passport.



Over the past few years, I’ve been working at the local soup kitchen, giving coffee, cold drinks, and Sandwiches to poor people.  While I’m there, I often listen to people’s tales of their trips to various foreign countries.  Soon I shall also be able to spend countless hours soaring through the Clouds to various tourist traps.  Although I have every reason to believe I’ll never exactly qualify as a living Legend among globetrotters, at least I shall be able, starting, soon, to make a bit of a contribution to those kinds of conversations.



Here’s yet more about my attempt to get a passport.  Please join us all daily.  Today’s words are sandwich, cloud, legend .

Time To Start Traveling?

This afternoon I finally got up the spunk to get a passport application from the Long Beach Post Office.  On Tuesday night, Frank, a regular at the St. Mary of the Isle men’s bible study meetings, asked me if I intended to go on an upcoming trip to Ireland. I  explained to him that I don’t have a passport.  Today I made the big move to get the application.  Once I’ve filled it out, I shall have to Report to the post office with all the requisite paperwork, have a few pictures taken, and I shall be set.  I may or may not end up going specifically to Ireland, but at least I shall be ready for whatever comes up.



That was the highlight of my week.  Lately things have been happening in quite an ordinary, predictable manner for me.  Life for me typically involves listening to 1960’s music by bands like the Zombies, and watching old T.V. shows like ‘Nanny and the Professor’.   I really should start widening my horizons quite a bit.



I’ve decided to try the Three Things Challenge.   Here is the link for it, using the words report, nanny, zombies.