Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Oh Hello Mr. Soul

Over the course of my adult lifetime I’ve always been quite interested in the Catholic intellectual world.   That’s how I know that the soul~whose faculties are the will, intellect, and memory~inevitably can count on ending up in either Heaven( with a risk of Purgatory, for a while, at first) or Hell.



Up until then, though, an individual’s soul can end up pretty much anywhere.  The term ‘soul’, being quite flexible in its everyday usage, has several connotations.   As far as I can see, where your soul goes, your personality and life go.



Considering that the word is so very often used as a trope, my soul can end up moving through all sorts of directions and circumstances, both spatially and temporally, depending upon very many unpredictable variables.   Physically, of course, I may or may not be there at the time. That’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about that kind of understanding of the concept of soul.  It allows for so very much flexibility.  If someone’s been having a hard time with something, the ability to daydream, to allow the soul to wander a bit, can be quite beneficial. 



Because I wanted to get a bit more variety into my blog, I’ve decided to write a post for the Go Dog Go Cafè.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.