Merry Christmas Ave Maria

Mary Christmas Ave Maria


you’re old enough to know better so cry baby cry

I can’t think of any specific incident in either a movie, song or other artistic medium that has ever made me cry the least bit significantly.  The really weird thing, though, is that I quite often start getting extremely close to crying for absolutely no reason whatsoever, at random times during these kinds of circumstances. It makes absolutely no sense considering that it’s not necessarily at a point in the story line where anything of any significance has transpired. I have been known to cry during the part of Longfellow’s “Evangeline” when Benedict Bellefontaine is depicted as the wealthiest farmer of Grand-Pre’, as well as at the time Mr. Willoughby rescued Marianne Dashwood upon her having fallen down a hill in Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”.  My crying appears neither to be a favorable reaction to good things, nor an expression of regret at the travails of the protagonists. As with all my other eccentric quirks, I should very easily assume that it’s just an obnoxious nervous habit, or perhaps a silly impulse.  It’s good to cry every once in a while. I most certainly wish, though, that I could explain why it happens to me in such obnoxious ways. Having just listened to Blue Swede’s “Hooked On A Feeling”, the one withe the “ooga chaga’s”, I’m now so very choked up.







colorful kids


Ten year old Harold enjoyed terrorizing his eight year old sister Margret. One day in the empty lot at the corner of their neighborhood he found a nasty looking object, guaranteed to elicit shrieks from any grammar school girl.

“Ha! Ha!” the diminutive instigator chortled. “This is bound to make for quite a nice trick!”

There was a sort of ongoing contest between the young pranksters. She’d always managed to figure out quite a delightful variety of ways to make him cringe too. Theirs was somewhat of a lopsided rapport.

“Those are the oddest youngsters!” Mrs. Fensterblau gasped.

A Grateful Thanksgiving from Jane Austen

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Regency family dinner

Wishing all of my readers, and Janeites in the US, a very happy Thanksgiving day with your friends, family and fur fellows.

Jane Austen did not celebrate this American holiday in her lifetime, nor did she know of it. For one, she was an Englishwoman and the holiday was not an official annual tradition in the US until 1863, when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” She did however write this thanksgiving prayer which I find quite fitting.

Give us a thankful sense of the blessings in which we live, of the many comforts of our lot; that we may not deserve to lose them by discontent or indifference. Hear us almighty God, for his sake who has redeemed us, and taught us thus to pray. Amen. – Jane Austen, Prayer I

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Reason #55 to Defeat Barack Obama:
Tragically, We Have Now Passed the 55 Million Abortion Mark

I wish we didn’t have to write this message.

When we started writing this series, originally called “54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama,” it was to commemorate the 54 million unborn babies who had lost their lives to the abortion policies Barack Obama supports. At the time, about 54½ million abortions had occurred in the U.S. since the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973.

I am sorry to report that in the meantime, the number of abortions in the United States has now gone over 55 million. Another huge reason to defeat Barack Obama.

More than four million of those 55 million children died during Obama’s term as president. I have written before that Obama could not have saved them all, but he could have . . . he should have …

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On Tuesday, November 6, we in the United States shall be faced with a most important decision: Do we want to have a free country or do we want the radicals on the left to dictate our each & every single move for us with their liberal totalitarian tactics? They are trying to force the people of our country to accept their HHS Mandate, thereby obviating entirely the Constitution’s First Amendment. It’s not really about artificial contraception though that is an intrinsic evil. It’s about whether we, the citizens of this country, have a right to run our own lives or whether we must let the Obama regime decide literally who lives & who dies. Don’t be fooled by all the accusations of racism. We simply shall have to vote against our current incumbent because he is trying to take away all our rights & freedom. When the First Amendment goes all else goes. Planned Parenthood is yet another example of what happens when artificial contraception’s direct & inevitable offspring, abortion , homosexuality, & euthanasia, reign supreme. Abortion & euthanasia are the perfect solution to the question of who counts & who doesn’t. To condone contraception & homosexuality is to condone them both too.