Mese: luglio 2012


This past weekend was quite active.   St. Barbara’s annual feast, held at St. Anthony’s Church in Exeter, started on Friday night.  I didn’t bother to go on the first night  though because of the torrential downpour.   We’ve been getting quite a lot of electrical storms  & heat waves lately .   I went on Saturday afternoon after I lectored at 4:00 p.m. Mass at O. L. Sorrows (I lectored at St. Joseph’s at 8:30 Mass last Sunday too) .   It was a really nice time. I made sure I entered the raffle, as always.  I got a root beer ice cream cone too.   On Saturday morning I went to the monthly lay Carmelite meeting.  It’s always at 9:00 a..m. on the third Saturday of each month at the Little Flower Manor on South Meade Street in Wilkes~Barre.   We always welcome new people who are interested in joining us.  Sr. Mary Robert & Msgr. Grimaglia were both there.  It went quite well.   On Sunday St. Monica’s annual bingo game was held at O.L. Sorrows Church on Eighth Street in West Wyoming.   Because I always used to help when I was active in my old Knights of Columbus council 794 in Lindenhurst, N.Y., I made sure I called Tom a while ago to ask if I could help.  He got me helping Mike & his wife in the kitchen.  I spent most of the time selling soda & other drinks after that.  I ate a hot dog with chili & later I ate a wimpie.  Unfortunately unlike my old K of C council they didn’t have any knishes.  They’ve never heard of them around here.   I got some cake & a beer too.   I even ended up going to the local Price Chopper for some Diet Pepsi.   Unlike last year Uncle Frankie couldn’t go this time because he hasn’t been feeling so well.  The Catholicism series, on Tuesday nights, has been going quite well so f ar.  Br. Patrick, of the Oblates of St. Joseph, does a really good job of things.  Daren’s birthday was on Saturday.   She died of suicide a few years ago.   I made sure I sent a card to her mother, Grace.  Yesterday I got an answer from her.



The kinfolk appeared to have survived yet another of our annual Hilldale feeding frenzies.   This one was number 52, the first ever having been in 1961.    That was the year I turned two years old.   Mary Anne, Steve, Michael, Sam & Bridget were here.   Michael brought Erin with him.    Michael, Erin & I even went to a convenience store on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming to get cigars.    Richie, of course, made sure he got all us musicians together for a jam session.   Most of the kin from Michigan, North Tonawanda, Long Island, the western U.S.  & southeastern Pa. got here.   As always there were the predictable piÑata, an obscene excess of food & drink, & the occasional showboat who couldn’t resist making an utterly pointless speech.  The softball game was cancelled because of heat.  I stink at sports anyway.   Of course they all talked about sports.   Many people went to the casinos to gamble.   When it was my turn for K.P. duty I helped my cousin Vinnie, Anthony & Ed with the hamburgers & hot dogs while Matt took charge of the vegetables.  My cousin Vinnie’s girlfriend was even here with her daughter.   For the first time in many years I went swimming in the built~in pool.   I got a bit of sunburn because I din’t put enough sunscreen on.    Cousins Larry & Gary, of course, went off on their predictable tirade about how libraries are such a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Happy anniversary wishes go to Larry & Rose tomorrow & Elaine & George on Wednesday.   Michael L., Aunt Helen, Richie & a bunch of others all have birthdays too.