The Annual Heartache

Foot Foot and Agnes were having one of their all time life threatening catastrophes, where one thing leads to another, and nothing ever works out.

It was the very first day of autumn and they were, as always, starting to get concerned about their leaves falling all over the place.

As he got ready for work early in the morning he tied the Knot in his tie, combed his hair, and gave Agnes a kiss good~bye, knowing full well that the next few months would be a bottomless pit of the same annoying chore.

Day by day the endlessly frustrated couple would try new ways to deal with all the nightmarishly insurmountable obstacles that inevitably accompany such unrelenting calamity.

Besides everything else the sun consistently went down earlier each day and this also tormented them.

Annually they reenact this trauma and by now the neighbors have gotten accustomed to it.

Welcome back to Denise’s weekly prompt~ PROMPT WORD:  KNOT

It’s Thursday’s Six Sentence Story Link Up!

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