Opposites Attract Challenge

About Coffee

Suffice it to say that I have always quite enjoyed a nice piping hot cup of coffee.  Cold coffee is exceptionally good too, but I practically inevitably get my share of the most Delectable of brews hot.   



I really wish I could have gotten into the habit of drinking it black, but I get too violently ill if I have it that way, so I need milk.   Unlike many people, who find flavored coffee Unpalatable, I quite enjoy it.   At the Coffee Nut Cafe’, in Long Beach, where I usually get my daily cup, they have quite a wide variety of flavors, including cherry, raspberry, and blueberry.  I’ve gone there so regularly over the course of the past five years that the girls who work there have gotten to know me.  Gentle Brew, where I go less frequently because it’s slightly farther down the street, also has quite an impressive array of coffees. I go there once in a while on weekends to get breakfast too.



There are only two coffees I’ve never been able to handle. They’re Sanka, which today’s young people seem never to have heard of, and Starbuck’s.  As far as I’m concerned they’re both quite nasty.  The only difference I can see is that Starbuck’s  is trendy, has an unforgivable political affiliation, and offers a variety of flavors. Sanka is just plain and inconspicuous.  They’re both completely Unwelcome anywhere near me.



Sanka/Starbuck’s: real coffee::Cold weather:hot weather



I’m only expressing my opinion, but it’s quite an exceptionally intense one.



Welcome back to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Opposites Attract. Today’s opposites are Delectable, and its antonyms: disagreeable, pleasureless, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome.



Claiming someone is Ignorant can start a lot of completely unnecessary trouble.  It’s one of those words where context is always so very important.  As a self~styled grammar Nazi, I know this well. 

Considering that no one, not counting God, is capable of omniscience, it’s understood that each of us is forced to deal with many things about which he can’t possibly be sufficiently Knowledgeable.  That’s, if it’s handled well, a quite harmless ignorance.  Invincible ignorance, the kind that can’t be helped, can be excused up to a point.  It can also be eliminated, or at least mitigated. 



Vincible ignorance, though, is quite a whole nother matter.  That’s the kind that happens when someone recognizes that something scary has to be dealt with, and he chooses not to accept responsibility for it.  He chooses to remain conveniently Unacquainted with it  because it’s simply the easiest approach in the short term.  



The single worst kind of ignorance is the kind one is guilty of when he can legitimately be referred to as an ignoramus.



Over the years, very many people have often pointed out to me both that I’m exceptionally knowledgeable about things no one else has the very slightest of clues about, and that I’m quite oblivious to things everyone else knows  extremely well.  I know absolutely everything whatsoever about 1960’s history and pop culture, especially the music, but absolutely nothing whatsoever about sports.   I consider that a part of my charm.



This is my first post for Opposites Attract .