It’s Getting Better All the Time

We’re now, finally,  fast approaching my favorite time of the year.  The vernal Equinox is on March 20th.



I know I have absolutely overdone my constant complaining about cold weather, but I have had it up to here (My hand is over my head) with freezing temperatures, rampant precipitation, and early sunsets.



Punxsutawney Phil might have miscalculated a little, but as a general rule, the weather so far has been gradually improving.  Soon I shall be happily basking in fresh air and sunshine.



Here is Weekend Writing Prompt #97.



Claiming someone is Ignorant can start a lot of completely unnecessary trouble.  It’s one of those words where context is always so very important.  As a self~styled grammar Nazi, I know this well. 

Considering that no one, not counting God, is capable of omniscience, it’s understood that each of us is forced to deal with many things about which he can’t possibly be sufficiently Knowledgeable.  That’s, if it’s handled well, a quite harmless ignorance.  Invincible ignorance, the kind that can’t be helped, can be excused up to a point.  It can also be eliminated, or at least mitigated. 



Vincible ignorance, though, is quite a whole nother matter.  That’s the kind that happens when someone recognizes that something scary has to be dealt with, and he chooses not to accept responsibility for it.  He chooses to remain conveniently Unacquainted with it  because it’s simply the easiest approach in the short term.  



The single worst kind of ignorance is the kind one is guilty of when he can legitimately be referred to as an ignoramus.



Over the years, very many people have often pointed out to me both that I’m exceptionally knowledgeable about things no one else has the very slightest of clues about, and that I’m quite oblivious to things everyone else knows  extremely well.  I know absolutely everything whatsoever about 1960’s history and pop culture, especially the music, but absolutely nothing whatsoever about sports.   I consider that a part of my charm.



This is my first post for Opposites Attract .

Oh No Way, Oh So Way



Safe Questions – well mostly of a sort!

Talked to a complete stranger about life.

~Oh So Way

Gone skydiving

~Oh No Way


Got a tattoo

~Oh No Way

Had an allergic reaction

~Oh So Way

Cried while watching a movie

~Oh So Way

Gotten gum stuck in my hair

~Oh So Way

Fallen asleep in the sun and gotten burned

~Oh No Way


Over-plucked my eyebrows

~Oh No Way

Been in a haunted house

~Oh So Way

Fallen asleep during sex

~Oh So Way

Wore a whipped cream bikini

~Oh No Way

Been to an “adult store”

~Oh no Way

Felt the presence of “paranormal activity”

~Oh No Way


Asked someone when they were due when they weren’t pregnant

~Oh So Way


Seen a sex therapist

~Oh No Way 


Burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time

~Oh so way

Googled Sex addiction

~Oh No Way

Called someone the wrong name

~Oh So Way

Walked in on a stranger who was butt naked

~Oh No Way


Said you were minutes away when you haven’t even left the house yet


~Oh So Way



Yet again, I’ve taken a chance on a prompt from A Guy Called Bloke And K9 Doodlepip!

Facebook Freaks Out

Facebook appeared to have pulled a Prank on us yesterday and this morning.  Early yesterday, when I tried to post a few things, or at least to make comments on some Other people’s posts, it was virtually impossible for me to get anything done.



Knowing that Facebook’s rabidly liberal honchos think they have a right to censor anyone who presumes to contradict their obsessions, I Instinctively assumed I was a  target of something like that.



After only a very short time, I got over the slight disappointment of not having my page available, and took advantage of it as an excuse  to give some different sites a chance.



Facebook most certainly isn’t an unavoidably mandatory part of my daily Plan.  Although I’m currently on other sites, including Canadian Underground, Me We, and Blogster, I fully intend to Stick to it, but it’s still not that fabulous.  Among its drawbacks is the fact that people can so easily engage in tactics that Rub each other the wrong way.



In a way, I’m quite surprised that those characters at Facebook have yet to Bar me from their hallowed world.  



I honestly think each of us should spend less time on Facebook.  There’s more to life than endless Chain messages, bad jokes, how to include Capers in a recipe, and political diatribes.  



Each of us should go, as fast as his metaphorical Legs can carry him, toward a healthy, productive Passage from slavery to our era’s biggest social media craze to a more well organized life. Each individual should do it at his own Pace too.



This week’s Wordle asks us to use the words~:   Caper, Legs, Chain, Passage, Pace, Stick, Other, Rub, Prank, Instinct, Plan, Bar.

Diurnal ~Reminiscing

When I was a kid, still going to school, I always took such immense pride in two things~my fabulous vocabulary, and my obnoxious sense of humor.



The good news is that I knew perfectly well that the word ‘Diurnal’ means ‘daily, quotidian’.  The bad news is that if a teacher of mine would have ever dared to ask me to use that word in a sentence, I would have been so sorely tempted to respond with, ” recently when I went into the boys’ room, I sneezed so hard I missed diurnal.”



This is my very first ever attempt at the Ragtag Daily Prompt

Passport Progress

Because I recently got a passport application, today I went to the nearest Walgreen’s on Long Beach Boulevard, to get the necessary photograph.  The woman asked for my name and telephone number.  



Once I’ve gotten a few more necessary details taken care of, I shall be ready to fly.  Up until now, I’ve never traveled any farther than to Florida, Michigan, and Illinois.  The only other country I’ve been to is Canada, and now even they require a passport.



Over the past few years, I’ve been working at the local soup kitchen, giving coffee, cold drinks, and Sandwiches to poor people.  While I’m there, I often listen to people’s tales of their trips to various foreign countries.  Soon I shall also be able to spend countless hours soaring through the Clouds to various tourist traps.  Although I have every reason to believe I’ll never exactly qualify as a living Legend among globetrotters, at least I shall be able, starting, soon, to make a bit of a contribution to those kinds of conversations.



Here’s yet more about my attempt to get a passport.  Please join us all daily.  Today’s words are sandwich, cloud, legend .

Oh Hello Mr. Soul

Over the course of my adult lifetime I’ve always been quite interested in the Catholic intellectual world.   That’s how I know that the soul~whose faculties are the will, intellect, and memory~inevitably can count on ending up in either Heaven( with a risk of Purgatory, for a while, at first) or Hell.



Up until then, though, an individual’s soul can end up pretty much anywhere.  The term ‘soul’, being quite flexible in its everyday usage, has several connotations.   As far as I can see, where your soul goes, your personality and life go.



Considering that the word is so very often used as a trope, my soul can end up moving through all sorts of directions and circumstances, both spatially and temporally, depending upon very many unpredictable variables.   Physically, of course, I may or may not be there at the time. That’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about that kind of understanding of the concept of soul.  It allows for so very much flexibility.  If someone’s been having a hard time with something, the ability to daydream, to allow the soul to wander a bit, can be quite beneficial. 



Because I wanted to get a bit more variety into my blog, I’ve decided to write a post for the Go Dog Go Cafè.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Everyone Knows It’s Windy

Ever since slightly before Christmas, 2013, I’ve been living in the city of Long Beach.  It’s a major well~known hub, with one of the most popular beaches in New York.



Often I really enjoy walking along the boardwalk or Seashore to get exercise. If the wind doesn’t get me crazy I can have quite an exceptionally nice time there.



It’s time for another of Sammi Cox’ Weekend Writing Prompts.  This one is something fairly easy for me since I live so close to the seashore.

Time To Start Traveling?

This afternoon I finally got up the spunk to get a passport application from the Long Beach Post Office.  On Tuesday night, Frank, a regular at the St. Mary of the Isle men’s bible study meetings, asked me if I intended to go on an upcoming trip to Ireland. I  explained to him that I don’t have a passport.  Today I made the big move to get the application.  Once I’ve filled it out, I shall have to Report to the post office with all the requisite paperwork, have a few pictures taken, and I shall be set.  I may or may not end up going specifically to Ireland, but at least I shall be ready for whatever comes up.



That was the highlight of my week.  Lately things have been happening in quite an ordinary, predictable manner for me.  Life for me typically involves listening to 1960’s music by bands like the Zombies, and watching old T.V. shows like ‘Nanny and the Professor’.   I really should start widening my horizons quite a bit.



I’ve decided to try the Three Things Challenge.   Here is the link for it, using the words report, nanny, zombies.




From Lion To Lamb?

wk-93-horizon.    Typically, everyone says that February is the worst month during winter, but I disagree.  For me, March is always an absolute nightmare.



Winter, with all its bleak reality, is the ultimate symbol of evil.  March, because spring is so close, just over the next  horizon , is unbearably frustrating.  Cold weather, similarly to evil, puts up quite a fight before it leaves.  It’s something merely to be endured and gotten over with, in my opinion.



Because I’m in the habit of regularly reading Rochelle’s blog, I couldn’t help noticing Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.  This time I decided I wanted to try to write an entry for it.