Mese: agosto 2015

in the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive


“We call it the Great Society, Anderson,” boasted Nelson.

“Anyone deemed to be self-righteous, intolerant, a hypocrite-a Christian who doesn’t know his place-is forever sealed into one of these chambers.”

“We con the blacks into thinking everyone’s a racist, the Jews into suspecting everyone of anti-Semitism. We nudge women into murdering their children and calling it freedom of choice.”

“You see, citizen,” he went on. “The old nationalists and nativists mistakenly killed the rodents. We let them kill themselves and each other for us. Keep them paranoid. Everything’s always someone else’s fault.”

“Welcome to the tolerant state.”

Thanks,Claire Fuller (copyright), for the picture. Rochelle Wissoff.Fields puts us up to this each week


the couple who like jazz


Cynthia arrived home as I was listening to “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”.

“Mingus?”, she wondered aloud.

“Jeff Beck,” I gently corrected her.

“What a perfect beginning to an amazing evening!”

“I somehow thought you’d say that.”

“It was first on Charles Mingus’ ‘Ah Um’, I reminded her. “Then Jeff Beck recorded it on ‘Blow By Blow’ sixteen years later.

We sat back, drank gallons of black coffee, and relaxed.

Quiet simple conversation and jazz filled the room.

Just then she looked at her computer’s screensaver.

“Let’s listen to Miles Davis’ “On Green Dolphin Street,” she recommended.

“They’re black whales,” I joked.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

IMG_0170 I was at the local soup kitchen on Pine Street in Long Beach, New York this morning. This horrendous sight was in the garbage container outside when I first showed up.

through the past darkly


I walked into the Lindenhurst Mc Donald’s last

evening, when I noticed Mc Garrity, a neighbor and Viet Nam veteran. He came

over and said hello.

He reminisced a lot.

“Ed,” he said. “The world went to Hell when J.F.K. died.”

“This week in ’69 were the Manson killings, when Satan was defiant,

and Woodstock, when he was subtle. My friends and I were in Southeast Asia

and Fort Hood then.”

“People stood on this very spot back then and got an entire meal for a

dollar. Perfect music and fashion were everywhere. Was it really worth it


some points to ponder


“I’ve been reading about Franciscan Saint Maximilian Kolbe, who was murdered in the Holocaust at Auschwitz in ’41,” murmured George, “And Carmelite Blessed Titus Brandsma, who was killed at Dachau in ’42.”

“Go on,” wondered Paul.

“There are several parallels between that era and ours” George explained. “The primacy of the state, racial unrest-now known as reverse discrimination.”

“Both worlds also share a fascination with physical fitness and dissemination of propaganda through the media.”

“Hitler, the specific individual, came and went, my friend. Satan, who put him here, now needs something new.”

Both shrugged helplessly.