Mese: aprile 2016

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mr. natural’s antique shoppe

“I like it,” Myrna boasted to a stunned Sheldn.

“It’s so old fashioned and folksy.”

“Don’t even you consider it a smidge odd,” he stammered, “that they have more things on the ceiling than on the floor and shelves, including ladies’ unmentionables?”

“Oh loosen up,” she giggled. “That’s the point.” Why do you think it was named after an R. Crumb cartoon character in the first place? Shouldn’t that tell you not to bother to expect sanity?”

Eventually Sheldn even learned to like it and wanted a membership card.

“Hey, they have free Boone’s Farm Wild Raspberry,” he quipped.

This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Mary Shipman. Rochelle Wisoff~Fields is our weekly fairy blogmother at Friday Fictioneers.

Sadie and Tio

“Why do you have all the barbed wire?” Clarence asked Wendell.

“Isn’t that the guy from the Grateful Dead?” his friend quipped. He then went on to explain.

“Sadie is a terrified neurotic and Tio is hyperactive like crazy. We have to keep them locked up or the neighbors will flog us but good.”

“Ophelia and I are doing all we can to keep a barrier between them and western civilization.”

“I don’t envy you,” his friend chided him. “That’s why Beulah and I want no part of pets. We’re happy with our painting of dogs playing poker.”

Our Fairy blogmother each week is Rochelle Wisoff~Fields , at Friday Fictioneers. This week’s photo prompt was supplied by Madison Woods.

distinctive tastes

“What’s that?” Roger couldn’t help wondering.

“Oh,” Felix explained. “That’s Blanche’s latest obsession. She’s come under the spell of avant-garde art this month.”

“She insists upon dragging me to all the latest experimental movies, concerts, and poetry readings.

“Just remember,” his friend intoned. “There are worse things in life than being surrounded by hoards of espresso-sucking existentialists in black,

“I know,” Felix explained, “It’s just that I feel so uncomfortable with all those characters.” I wish she’d find friends who are easier to understand.

“Console yourself,” Roger replied,”With the fact that they don’t get you either.”

“That helps,” admitted Felix.

Our fairy blogmother for Friday Fictioneers is Rochelle Wisoff~Fields. This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Kent Bonham.

art and life

Ralph was to be married in a few days. To help him relax, his best man Sam took him to his favorite hangout so they could read poetry for a while.

They found the Norton Anthology of Victorian Poems and began reading.

First they read Tennyson’s “Locksley Hall”, a tale of a soldier jilted by his old girlfriend, now a wife and mother, whose parents can’t stand him. Throughout the poem he wallows in bitterness.

They then turned to Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”. The Duke’s widowhood was self-inflicted.

“Is it always this way?” Ralph asked, anxiously pondering his decision.

This week’s photo prompt was provided by J. Hardy Carroll. Friday Fictioneers is our weekly attempt at writing a one hundred-word story, with the help of our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff~Fields.