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I lived in Queens until around my twelfth birthday, and I’ve always missed it.  I’ve always been such a square.   Recently I went to the library to hear a speech by Donna Gaines, a Ramones scholar.


Throughout the speech, I kept daydreaming about June 8, 1980, when my cousin, his girlfriend, some friends, and I went to a Ramones concert at Great Adventure.



Donna’s speech was good, but it wasn’t as interesting as being twenty years old, seeing the real Ramones. They were my fellow squares from Queens.



Please join Froggy, Rochelle, and everyone else, for Friday Fictioneers.



TWIN STUDIES: Homosexuality

twin-241x300My wife’s dream was to always have twins but that dream never came to pass, instead God gave us 4 kids. My wife’s dream stopped not when we had 4 kids but after having coming to the church we currently serve at where we’ve observed not 1; not 2; not 3; not 4 but 5 families with twins, including another family with triplets. I’ve never met so many twins in my entire life until I began serving at this church I currently pastor at. We never realized how hard it would be to raise two identical children at the same time until seeing these parents raise them and so to my relief my wife’s dream was quickly dispelled. But I was surprised by more than just the number of twins at our church, I was surprised to learn that we have identical twins where one identifies as a bisexual and…

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Cookies Good

I’ve been reading a lot of theology over the course of the past few decades.   It says here that mankind’s ancient foe, the Serpent, tempted Eve with either an apple or a pomegranate.


One can never tell when he will be subjected to the risk of falling into evil behavior.  Most certainly, a Rainbow often is merely a disguised poison.



That’s why I’ve always liked my Cookie jar.  Cookies represent the absolute epitome of clean~cut and virtuous.


Welcome back yet again to Paula’s Three Things Challenge

Where Is She?

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Policemen arrived at the home of Mrs. O’Reilly, a kindly old woman in our neighborhood.  People would always Say she was so quiet and polite.  When the constables went inside, all they saw were a box of Tissues, her Rosary~which she had prayed daily without  fail for several decades~and an expired bus Pass.



Eventually they  climbed her Dusty stairway to her Attic.  One of the officers, upon peering out a Window, in the direction of  a nearby Stream, saw a couple he couldn’t recognize.  The woman was carrying something that looked strikingly similar to one of Mrs. O’Reilly’s Purses.



Eventually, after having thoroughly searched her house, they put all her personal effects, including old Shoes, into a marked Bag, and decided to Go back to their station.



This is my first attempt at  Sunday’s Whirlygig.   This week, we use the words purses, attic, dusty, pass, rosary, shoes, tissues, window, stream, go, bags, say from David Keplinger’s ‘Making Arrangements’.


It’s Getting Better All the Time

We’re now, finally,  fast approaching my favorite time of the year.  The vernal Equinox is on March 20th.



I know I have absolutely overdone my constant complaining about cold weather, but I have had it up to here (My hand is over my head) with freezing temperatures, rampant precipitation, and early sunsets.



Punxsutawney Phil might have miscalculated a little, but as a general rule, the weather so far has been gradually improving.  Soon I shall be happily basking in fresh air and sunshine.



Here is Weekend Writing Prompt #97.


Claiming someone is Ignorant can start a lot of completely unnecessary trouble.  It’s one of those words where context is always so very important.  As a self~styled grammar Nazi, I know this well. 

Considering that no one, not counting God, is capable of omniscience, it’s understood that each of us is forced to deal with many things about which he can’t possibly be sufficiently Knowledgeable.  That’s, if it’s handled well, a quite harmless ignorance.  Invincible ignorance, the kind that can’t be helped, can be excused up to a point.  It can also be eliminated, or at least mitigated. 



Vincible ignorance, though, is quite a whole nother matter.  That’s the kind that happens when someone recognizes that something scary has to be dealt with, and he chooses not to accept responsibility for it.  He chooses to remain conveniently Unacquainted with it  because it’s simply the easiest approach in the short term.  



The single worst kind of ignorance is the kind one is guilty of when he can legitimately be referred to as an ignoramus.



Over the years, very many people have often pointed out to me both that I’m exceptionally knowledgeable about things no one else has the very slightest of clues about, and that I’m quite oblivious to things everyone else knows  extremely well.  I know absolutely everything whatsoever about 1960’s history and pop culture, especially the music, but absolutely nothing whatsoever about sports.   I consider that a part of my charm.



This is my first post for Opposites Attract .

A Prayer Litany for the Souls in Purgatory — Parishable Items

O Jesus, Thou suffered and died that all mankind might be saved and brought to eternal happiness. Hear our pleas for further mercy on the souls of: My dear parents & grandparents, [Response: “My Jesus, Have Mercy”] My brothers & sisters & other near relatives, My godparents & sponsors of Confirmation, My spiritual […]

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An Appropriate Musical Backdrop

‘VEHICLE’ by THE IDES OF MARCH   Anyone who’a been paying so much as a speck of attention to my taste in music, or my life in general, knows all about, by now, my lifelong absolute obsession with the music of the 1960’s.  Hey man, I simply couldn’t resist.~enjoy!