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The Dull Before the Interesting


“I was given me drothers between the red and blue pills,” Periwinkle told Dora. 



“That really happened?” she asked.



“You know,” he replied.  “A pill, a drink, a box.  It’s different each time.  Me point is, here’s where it got us.



“It seems very mundane considering how we got here,” she reminded him.



“Duh,” he complained.   “It can’t all be magic. There has to be some ordinary paperwork involved.  People think the imagination is all colors and multi media spectaculars.   You always have to fill out forms to get there though.”



“Yes,” she said. “Even the extraordinary is somewhat dull.”



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Belaboring A Point


“Why did you invite your parents over on the most horrible night?”  Harriet asked Clem.  “It’s pouring!”


“When I was young,” he explained, “they forced me to visit their insane relatives who had perfect rooms no one was allowed to go into, and bowls of wax fruit. They drove me nuts. I wanted the last laugh. I’ll hide their umbrellas when they get here.  Then when they ask what to do I’ll point to those fakes and say, ‘Sorry, those are all we have.’  This way maybe they’ll finally understand my point.” 


She just shrugged and humored him.



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Distinctive Work


“I feel ridiculous in these leiderhosen,” Hannelore told Urs.  “Are you positive this was the only job you  could get us?”



“Relax,” he said. “We’re a cinch to do well. All we have to do is pop out the clock door every fifteen minutes and play ‘Ach du Lieber Augustin’ on our tuba and accordion.”



“Each hour, of course, we note the time,” he reminded her.  “It’s quite simple. You’ll see.”



“You just don’t get it, do you?” She reminded him.  “We’re in a clock! That doesn’t bother you?”



“You’re such a stick in the mud,” he replied.



Welcome back yet again to Rochelle’s

Friday Fictioneers.   Read all about it at her link.   J. Hardy Carroll has supplied this week’s photo prompt.



Help the Poor In New York City


Each month we participate with incredible people in a monthly food walk which starts in Little Italy, Manhattan. We are asking all of our people in the five boroughs of New York and surrounding areas to get involved by sharing this post and tagging any restaurants or food businesses (don’t have to be Italian) who would be happy donating warm or cold meals or supplies for this cause. To find out more you are welcomed to DM us. Please Share and TAG us in your posts. This is an opportunity to do something for people who have a lot less. Many blessings to you for taking a moment to share, or comment with a tag. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

Major Adjustment


Clarence, recently widowed after sixty years of marriage, liked to reminisce about his wife Mabel.  A resident at Wilkes~Barre’s Little Flower Manor, he always played Kate Smith’s “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain” when he felt nostalgic.



“That was our wedding song,” he cheerfully told visitors and friends.  Everyone noticed that he wasn’t handling things well but he never admitted it until he was alone in his room.



That was where he felt free to stare into space, in dead silence.  Until he admitted his problem, no one was able to help him.



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