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Maltese Carmelites


Brother John and Brother Titus are in charge of organizing tourists’ visits to the Discalced Carmelites’ Church and Priory of the Annunciation.



People attend Mass and pray the Rosary and Liturgy of the Hours daily with the Friars. Tourists are inevitably smitten with the beautiful Baroque architecture. Visitors often participate in college level courses given by the Carmelite Institute.


“Well, John,” Brother Titus stated, “I especially enjoy the fact that people can’t seem to get enough out of our telling them about the abuse we took here during Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, and all our history, theology, and philosophy, in general.”


“Yes,” his friend agreed. “After his time here, each guest will go back to his daily life and vocation with a better insight into things. Our vocation’s not for just anyone but it’s really a fine way to live.”


The pair listened joyously to the car doors slamming outside.


This week’s What Pegman Saw  takes us to Mdina in Malta. When I found out that they have a Carmelite church and priory there, I couldn’t help taking advantage of it.


What Pegman Saw~Scylla and Charybdis


  Harvey and George finally got a chance to spend a few minutes away from Muriel and Gloria while they were on vacation.


“Yeah, Bruh,” Harvey gushed to his oldest friend, “This is the life. If we could live close to a place like this, life would be an absolute feast. Don’t listen to those lunatic girls, with their fad diets.”


“Absolutely!” George admitted. “I’m so sick and tired of all their healthy fads, for fear of made up cooties like lactose, gluten, and crap like that.  They’re just money~making scams anyway.”


Eventually, after having had too much of a feast, the boys started feeling wiped out. Exhausted, they asked for some Alka~Seltzer. George pointed out: “Just because their diet is a disease, doesn’t mean ours is necessarily a perfect cure. We pushed it too far and it became an equivalent disease.”



This week’s What Pegman Saw  takes us to New South Wales in Australia. The picture was supplied by KRawson

Major Third World Troubles


“I’ve been talking to Fraser, the history professor, and to Father Anthony, who’s from here,” Trevor reminded Raquel. 


“Perfect!” his wife gushed. “Each one has a bottomless pit of knowledge of this part of Africa. That’s a perfect way to keep people’s interest. One is an expert on the didactic side and the other on the narrative side.”



“The number of people living in utter poverty grew from fifty one million in 1990 to eighty six million in 2013. Along with that we can talk about the Civil war between Nigeria and Biafra between July of ’67 and January, ’70.”


“There’s one catch,” Trevor reminded her. “Considering that we’re asking for help with getting people jobs, health care, and education, it might be to our advantage to set the film in a less idyllic places. Imagery makes a difference.


The couple then proceeded to make the necessary phone calls.


Welcome back, yet again to What Pegman Saw , a weekly prompt based upon a Google geographic location.  Fraser and Fr. Anthony are real people. 



Love Italian Style


Sadie and Albert, after having been subjected to a lot of  stress for a prolonged period of time, finally decided to take a long vacation.


“Of all the places even to think of, though,” she pondered, “why Wyoming?”


“I told you,” he explained. “Vittorio couldn’t stop raving about it. While we’re here I intend to do nothing but practice my guitar and Italian. You can do whatever you like. The view is perfect. We can take long walks together and enjoy the scenery, and the peace and quiet.”


Throughout the week, Albert, true to his word, constantly practiced Italian:
“Sto, stai, sta, stiamo, state, stanno,” day and night. Even his entire guitar repertoire was mostly “La Spagnola”.


At the end of their trip, Sadie asked Albert: “I have one request, honey, for next year’s vacation. If you have to ask for advice, please ask someone whose name is in English?”


Here’s me latest contribution to What Pegman Saw


This week’s picture is of Yellowstone National Park


It was posted by K Rawson




What Pegman Saw~Marcusson, Julius Marcusson

sail-treasure-cayHerman and Harriet were finally on their much anticipated honeymoon in the Bahamas.                                                                                                                                                Over the course of their time there, they kept noticing an oddly familiar looking fellow.                                                                                                                                        “Now I know where I’ve seen him before,” the bride told her groom. “He was at the church and reception. I assumed he was someone’s boyfriend.”                                                                                                                         At the casino that evening he offered to buy them drinks. Sensing their tension, he explained, “I assure you, friends, I intend you no harm.”                                                                                                                          “My name is Marcusson, Julius Marcusson. You see, I’ve been assigned to observe you throughout the course of your married life. ”                                                                                                                              “Huh?!” the pair gasped.                                                                                                                  “Oh it’s quite common,” Marcusson went on. “It’s just that hardly any couples ever get to meet their version of me. I just thought I’d be somewhat silly.”                                                                                   

“Our Guardian Angel has a sense of humor!” the bride opined. “That’s nice in a bizarro way!”                                                                                                                                     Please join us weekly for What Pegman Saw

This week’s photograph is of Abaco, Bahamas


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A Most Unfortunate Error~What Pegman Saw


Every summer we Flanagans  drive from Lindenhurst, New York, to visit relatives in Hilldale, Pennsylvania, for the Fourth of July.

All usually goes well, except when it’s Uncle Leo’s turn to drive, like last year.

“West Milford!?!?” Aunt Bernice shrieked. “No human being can get here from Route 80!!”

We stopped at a local beanery on Clinton Road to ask for directions.

“Stranger,” the proprietor intoned when I requested help. “We don’t cotton to outsiders here’bouts.

The only other patron was a strikingly beautiful but heartbroken looking woman.

The owner’s stare went repeatedly back and forth between the looker and us.

We left immediately.

When we explained to people outside what had happened, we described the pair. They insisted that the people we referred to had been dead since 1970. They even directed us to their graves.

Aunt Bernice quietly kept a stranglehold upon her Rosary and bottle of Elavil.

Please join us weekly for What Pegman Saw

 This week’s photograph is of Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey

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Franz and Franz~What Pegman Saw

hotelimperial“Yes, honey, I understand that the Czech Republic is quite beautiful,” Gracie admitted to George, “but of  all the places we could have visited with our lottery winnings, why come here to Karlovy Vary?!”

“Think of all the history that’s here,” her husband reminded her. Austria Hungary’s Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were from here.  He’s the only assassinated public figure with both a band and a beer named after him.

“Besides that,” he continued, “Franz Kafka’s from here too. You know how many times I’ve read everything of his, from “The Metamorphosis” to “Amerika.”

“And best of all,” she intoned happily. “Blanche and Harry will be insanely jealous when they see our videos of the Hotel Imperial.”

“With all the beauty this place has going for it,” he sighed, “is that all you can think of?”

“Hey, honey pie, I’m a nudge. Get over it,” she bragged triumphantly.

This is my very first attempt at a story for Pegman.  Visit the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary and write a story based upon one of the photographs. Keep it within 150 words.

What Pegman Saw