Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner

The Prettiest Girl In School

cheating “Ellen and Fred are apparently destined always to sit right in front of me,”   Ralph thought.


It all started in Southwick’s seventh grade history class. Now we’re in Hempton’s eleventh grade chemistry class, and I’m still forced to put up with my ideal woman’s constantly sitting with the likes of that clown.”


Mr. Hempton was pacing around the front of the classroom with his trademark shirt~inevitably either pink or white~and tie, trying to remain patient with his lovelorn pupil.



“Mr. Gerrity,” he tactfully asked, “What is a mole?”

“6.02 times ten to the  twenty third, sir,” his young charged stated.


“Oh well,” the smitten boy thought, “That’s one break but it can’t last.”


Throughout the rest of the period he continued vacillating between daydreaming and trying to pay attention.


“I wonder if they have anything like Alka~Seltzer in the cafeteria vending machines,” he thought.



Time lingered. Ralph and Mr. Hempton continued their ritual. Amazingly neither Fred nor Ellen, for one second, came close to catching onto anything.



The bell finally rang.  “Oh  well,” the young swain thought, “At least I sort of get a break…only for a little while.”

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Porphyria’s Cat

kittenPorphyria’s cat had always been quite concerned about her latest beau.                                                                                                     “I don’t care what any of you say,” he told his friends. “I just don’t trust this creep!”                                                                                                                                                      One particularly cold, stormy, windy night, his suspicions were proven right.                                                                                       After having lit the fire and gotten comfortable she sat next to Lover Boy. The gorgeous blue~eyed blondie, who had always been the object of his narcissist obsession, fell prey to his sadistic side.                                                                                                                                                                           The cat was quite stunned.                                                                                                               “I can’t believe it!” he gasped helplessly. “That moron’s strangled my beloved owner.”


He gazed at the deranged scene.  The lady’s dead body, and her maniacal boyfriend, sat side by side.                                                                                                       

The cat couldn’t imagine what to do. His heart was broken. Overwhelmed with disbelief that such a horrid spectacle could possibly be met with such equally intense silence, he trembled helplessly. Amazingly, the fire went on crackling, the clock continued ticking, all was as before. 


Don’t they even know what’s happened?” he pondered. The very air was overwhelmed with complete madness as the killer just sat there, smug in his obsessive selfishness. Smiling, even laughing, he truly knew how to break a cat’s heart. 


Here’s yet another attempt at Flash Fiction For the Practical Practitioner




I got the idea to write a story based upon Robert Browning’s poem,  “Porphyria’s Lover”


Photo credit goes to Morgue File


burgerClem and Mabel were enjoying their weekly dispensation from their otherwise strict diet.

You know, Clem,” she announced. “This Duolingo site is absolutely amazing!”

I agree,” he admitted. “I grew up in an Italian and Hispanic neighborhood in Queens. Then when I went to St. John the Baptist High School, I took Spanish, and at Farmingdale College I took Italian. I stink at them now though, so Duolingo is my pride and joy!”


“Here’s an example of how confusing language is,” he continued. In Italian, ‘Quanto’ means ‘How much. ‘Quando’ means ‘When’, and ‘Guanto’ is ‘Goat.’ ”

“The word for ‘Ant’ is ‘Formica’, and the word for ‘Lawyer’, ‘Avocato’ is dangerously close to the English ‘Avocado.’ “


“Of course you realize,” she nudged him, “that besides becoming polyglots, by using this site we can also develop quite an obnoxious sense of humor~and we can forget how horribly fattening the food is here.” 


“That’s the important thing,” he admitted as they went on conjugating verbs and nitpicking over parts of speech.


As it was finally time to leave, Clem explained to Mabel, “Soon we can be honorary~or, should I say, ornery~Europeans.”


They walked away full and happy.


The preceding is my very first attempt at Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner . Please go to the link to find out what it’s all about.  Photo credit is : Morgue File