Sunday’s Whirlygig

Quiet Day, Hectic Week

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Today’s one of those nice, quiet days.  It’s Palm Sunday.   I’m sitting around now listening to the Yardbirds’ ‘Knowing That I’m Losing You (Tangerine)’.  It’s nice to be able to have a lot of time to Yourself sometimes.  I’ve always really enjoyed listening to the old songs, because they do such a good job of Painting quite a fine picture with offbeat Symbols.  By listening to ’60’s hippie music, I can allow my Memory to travel in such exceptionally flexible ways.  It’s a good Way for me to be inspired to Think and to relax.



My average week lately is usually quite busy in a soup kitchen.  People there have lots of extremely intense problems.  Some are hooked on Tobacco, and too many are even Stoned.   I often overhear their Sad anecdotes about life in their Cold and dangerous circumstances. 



For right now, though, I don’t have to deal with that environment.   I need lots of patience to deal with that barbed Wire like world.   It truly helps to have a lot of time to deal will with it in advance. 



This week’s Sunday’s Whirlygig  words are painting, tobacco, cold, memory, tangerine, stoned, wire, think, sad, way, yourself, and symbols , which were taken from ‘Blown Fuses’ by Austrian poet Pam Brown.





Where Is She?

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Policemen arrived at the home of Mrs. O’Reilly, a kindly old woman in our neighborhood.  People would always Say she was so quiet and polite.  When the constables went inside, all they saw were a box of Tissues, her Rosary~which she had prayed daily without  fail for several decades~and an expired bus Pass.



Eventually they  climbed her Dusty stairway to her Attic.  One of the officers, upon peering out a Window, in the direction of  a nearby Stream, saw a couple he couldn’t recognize.  The woman was carrying something that looked strikingly similar to one of Mrs. O’Reilly’s Purses.



Eventually, after having thoroughly searched her house, they put all her personal effects, including old Shoes, into a marked Bag, and decided to Go back to their station.



This is my first attempt at  Sunday’s Whirlygig.   This week, we use the words purses, attic, dusty, pass, rosary, shoes, tissues, window, stream, go, bags, say from David Keplinger’s ‘Making Arrangements’.