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A Grateful Thanksgiving from Jane Austen

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Regency family dinner

Wishing all of my readers, and Janeites in the US, a very happy Thanksgiving day with your friends, family and fur fellows.

Jane Austen did not celebrate this American holiday in her lifetime, nor did she know of it. For one, she was an Englishwoman and the holiday was not an official annual tradition in the US until 1863, when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” She did however write this thanksgiving prayer which I find quite fitting.

Give us a thankful sense of the blessings in which we live, of the many comforts of our lot; that we may not deserve to lose them by discontent or indifference. Hear us almighty God, for his sake who has redeemed us, and taught us thus to pray. Amen. – Jane Austen, Prayer I

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Two weekends ago, on Veteran’s Day,  I went to the first annual fund raising banquet for the local Catholic radio station, WJMJ, where I am a volunteer.    I really like being involved wtih them because it’s so important to keep the Catholic media alive in Obama’s America.   Unfortunately most states don’t have a Catholic radio station.   That includes even New York although this station was originally based in Buffalo.   Tickets were twenty five dollars each.    It was at St. Anthony of Padua Church at St. Barbara’s Parish in Exeter.    Predictably, all the regulars showed up & many of them were from St. Monica’s including Fr. Leo McKernan, who’s part of the station’s staff.    It’s owned by Ed & Carol Ann Niewinski.   Fr. Paul McDonnell, O.S.J., was the principal celebrant at 4:00 Mass.    After Mass we all went next door for a reception.   Immediately at the end of Mass Ed turned to me & asked me to go next door & to help take the money for the tickets.    The food was exceptionally good.   It was catered by a local company, Arcaro & Genell, in Old Forge.    The guest speaker was Fred Berretta, who was a passenger on Captain Chesley (Sully )Sullenberger’s U.S. Airways flight 1549, the flight that has been named the Miracle on the Hudson.   Berretta gave a very impressive speech & asked people to read the book he’s written about the ill~fated trip.   


Around the end of October I got my flu shot at the CVS at the Wyoming Avenue Midway in Wyoming. The pharmacist who gave me the shot was quite a really nice blondie, a really nice looker named Caitlin. It only took a few minutes with a little paperwork to fill out. I got it in my left shoulder. All went well. A few days later, though, I started getting really violent headaches on one side of my head. They lasted for about six days. It was during the time of the annual St. Jude novena at O.L. Eucharist Parish in Pittston Junction. I showed up for most nights of the novena in spite of all the pain & aggravation. The novena worked out really well. All the same people show up each year so I see many familiar faces.   The weather was really nice most nights.    It was the fifty fifth year of the novena.     When I went back to the drug store a few days ago to get something I asked the pharmacist about my headaches & she said there didn’t seem to be any connection to the shot. She assumed it must be from either sinus or an allergy. That’s what I’ve always assumed too.

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Reason #55 to Defeat Barack Obama:
Tragically, We Have Now Passed the 55 Million Abortion Mark

I wish we didn’t have to write this message.

When we started writing this series, originally called “54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama,” it was to commemorate the 54 million unborn babies who had lost their lives to the abortion policies Barack Obama supports. At the time, about 54½ million abortions had occurred in the U.S. since the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973.

I am sorry to report that in the meantime, the number of abortions in the United States has now gone over 55 million. Another huge reason to defeat Barack Obama.

More than four million of those 55 million children died during Obama’s term as president. I have written before that Obama could not have saved them all, but he could have . . . he should have …

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On Tuesday, November 6, we in the United States shall be faced with a most important decision: Do we want to have a free country or do we want the radicals on the left to dictate our each & every single move for us with their liberal totalitarian tactics? They are trying to force the people of our country to accept their HHS Mandate, thereby obviating entirely the Constitution’s First Amendment. It’s not really about artificial contraception though that is an intrinsic evil. It’s about whether we, the citizens of this country, have a right to run our own lives or whether we must let the Obama regime decide literally who lives & who dies. Don’t be fooled by all the accusations of racism. We simply shall have to vote against our current incumbent because he is trying to take away all our rights & freedom. When the First Amendment goes all else goes. Planned Parenthood is yet another example of what happens when artificial contraception’s direct & inevitable offspring, abortion , homosexuality, & euthanasia, reign supreme. Abortion & euthanasia are the perfect solution to the question of who counts & who doesn’t. To condone contraception & homosexuality is to condone them both too.