Weekend Writing Prompt

Hey Man If That’s What It Takes

Bob works at a local bank behind the scenes.  He and red haired Doreen drive each other crazy. He has a strict rule about getting married:  no red hair and you have to be both the same age. 


Bob’s always cranky and surly because obscenely loud people nearby rankle upon his nerves.  His nasty ways terrify Doreen.



One day gorgeous, dark~haired Stephanie, fourteen years younger than he, starts working there, and evil Bob somehow conveniently becomes a perfect gentleman and total charmer, so sweet he can impress her like crazy.  


Doreen never lets him live it down.  “One pretty girl’s all it takes?!”



This weekend Sammi’s word is IMPRESS .  My post is based upon a true story.



Brother Enoch and Sister Esther are going door to door on their weekly rounds, wearing their Sunday go to meeting best.



Theirs is a political scam, run by Charlatans, promising liberty, equality, and fraternity for all.



Something’s right funny going on with them though.  No one who signs up for membership is ever seen or heard from again.   Think twice, people.



This weekend , Sammi’s word is Charlatan .

I Speak Proper English

Bad English is one of those things I just can’t handle.   People so often confuse ‘too’, ‘to’, and ‘two’; ‘your’ and ‘you’re’; ‘their’, there’, and ‘they’re.  Of course besides that there are the ideologues who foist inclusive language on us.  To all attempts at messing with communication I always say ‘Anathema sit.’



Here we are at Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #99 .

Nobody’s Perfect

There are all sorts of things I’m not Impervious to:


Although spring has sprung, as of two days ago, the cold weather and precipitation get me crazy.



All throughout my adult lifetime, I’ve gotten headaches, and anxiety and panic attacks, though they’re not as nasty as they once were.



Those are my most notorious problems.  As long as I can avoid them all, I can have quite an exceptionally fine time of things.  The only catch is, though, that the health troubles occasionally sneak up on me, and weather trouble, alas, is  more frequent than I would like. 



Here’s my contribution to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

It’s Getting Better All the Time

We’re now, finally,  fast approaching my favorite time of the year.  The vernal Equinox is on March 20th.



I know I have absolutely overdone my constant complaining about cold weather, but I have had it up to here (My hand is over my head) with freezing temperatures, rampant precipitation, and early sunsets.



Punxsutawney Phil might have miscalculated a little, but as a general rule, the weather so far has been gradually improving.  Soon I shall be happily basking in fresh air and sunshine.



Here is Weekend Writing Prompt #97.

Everyone Knows It’s Windy

Ever since slightly before Christmas, 2013, I’ve been living in the city of Long Beach.  It’s a major well~known hub, with one of the most popular beaches in New York.



Often I really enjoy walking along the boardwalk or Seashore to get exercise. If the wind doesn’t get me crazy I can have quite an exceptionally nice time there.



It’s time for another of Sammi Cox’ Weekend Writing Prompts.  This one is something fairly easy for me since I live so close to the seashore.

Required Reading

 I have two books here I’m determined to read again. I’ve chosen Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, and St. Louis de Montfort’s ‘True Devotion To Mary’.



It’s time for Sammi Cox and all the rest of us to have our Weekly Writing Challenge.

Sunday Foggy Sunday

wk-94-indistinct  It’s foggy today. On my way to St. Mary’s, I saw only its indistinct shadow in the distance.



This week, Sammi’s prompt is very brief, requiring each of us to restrict his post to only a mere eighteen words.

From Lion To Lamb?

wk-93-horizon.    Typically, everyone says that February is the worst month during winter, but I disagree.  For me, March is always an absolute nightmare.



Winter, with all its bleak reality, is the ultimate symbol of evil.  March, because spring is so close, just over the next  horizon , is unbearably frustrating.  Cold weather, similarly to evil, puts up quite a fight before it leaves.  It’s something merely to be endured and gotten over with, in my opinion.



Because I’m in the habit of regularly reading Rochelle’s blog, I couldn’t help noticing Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.  This time I decided I wanted to try to write an entry for it.