Chicken Delicious

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Foot Foot and Margaret were driving to their favorite store, Sam Sam the Discount Man, and as always they paid more attention to their conversation than to the roads they were driving on.

When they arrived at the on ramp for the intersection they were required to turn onto they noticed that it was closed and they were instructed to take a Detour, which took them several miles out of their way.

Having been so desperately hungry all day they wanted to make sure they took advantage by stopping at a nearby Chicken Delicious.

When they entered the restaurant they were stunned by the complete lack of any chicken whatsoever on the menu.

They asked for two cheeseburgers to go and returned to their car so confused, glancing in bewilderment at the sign that displayed the establishment’s motto, ‘I Like That Man’s Face.’

For the past several decades they have always gotten a kick out of telling the story of the chicken restaurant that didn’t have chicken.

Denise’s word this week is PROMPT WORD:  DETOUR 

18 thoughts on “Chicken Delicious

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    Funny Six Larry. Reminds me of some relatives who came to visit. First night we took them to dinner, asking what they were in the mood for? Answer: steak. We took them to a restaurant known for their steaks. They ordered Italian food! Not quite the same but…kind of? LOL


  2. Tom says:

    There’s nothing worse than being disappointed when what you really want to eat is out of stock… we had a local fish and chip shop that was out of fish and chips once!

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