recuperating from stress or exhaustion

After an exceptionally long overwhelming drive, or any other prolonged source of aggravation, exhaustion and stress, I just like to hang around and to rest.   Conveniently there isn’t any one and only thing that gets me relaxed.     I don’t necessarily have to go directly to bed but I at least have to make sure that I don’t have anything extra on my schedule.     Coffee always helps too.   Unfortunately I don’t ever get to have any before a significant trip because it always drives me crazy.     I have certain extremely seriously annoying problems under those circumstances.   If I have no place else to go, though, I can have some and it makes me feel so especially nice.     I often read too, or spend time online.   These days I spend a lot of time reading online anyway.      Another thing that keeps me relaxed is practicing my guitar.   Conveniently with all my distinctive interests, there are several sources of rest and relaxation I can resort to.    There’s one last thing i simply must explain quite clearly: I’ve absolutely never been able to stand the telephone so I make sure I avoid it entirely no matter what.     

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