the distinguished young couple


“Remember, Jack,” the young wife said, “Bobby’s, John’s and Caroline’s birthdays are all this week.” “Yes, dear, I understand,” her overworked husband replied as they headed toward Dallas on a brisk Friday morning.

“We have to enter Dealey Plaza at 12:10,” he reminded her. “Then I have to make a speech and we can go to a steak luncheon.” He went on to say, “Considering all my responsibilities, it’s not as if this weekend will go down in history.”

“After it’s all over let’s go home and relax please,” she replied, assuming that 1964 would be overwhelmingly busy for them.



  1. I like how you take us subtly into what this story is really about – it allows the reader to feel for the characters without the baggage of feeling we already know them. That’s a really good trick and well carried off.
    I felt the irony was a little heavy-handed, in particular his sentence about this weekend going down in history. I think you could probably tone that down a little, her sentence about assuming 1964 would be busy feels more clever to me.
    But that’s just my opinion, you are of course free to ignore it, disagree or both!


    1. You may be right. I deliberately avoided their last name, or too.familiar first names like Lyndon & Lady Bird . I wanted to Keep it as inconspicuous as possible. Yesterday was Jackie.O’s birthday so I got the idea because the Kennedys are referred to all over the place on Pinterest. Thanks for pointing those things out


  2. Nice take on the prompt. Subtle, yet there it is… And I love the idea of Jackie saying, “After it’s all over let’s go home and relax please.” How often she must have wanted that.


  3. Dear Larry,

    Personally, I like his line about the weekend being nothing that would go down in history. To me that was still subtle and ironic. But that’s my opinion as well. In the end, it’s your decision, darlin’

    At any rate I love the story and your POV. A piece of history I remember all too well.




  4. Larry, I was just kind of reading along and it didn;t strike me until the end what it was all about. I went back and read it a second time and I wondered why I hadn’t caught on earlier. I think it was probably because I didn’t pay much attention to the names the first time. It was well written. 🙂 —Susan


  5. Dear Larry, Good story and how clever of you to keep the names so understated and I didn’t catch on until you mentioned Dealey Plaza. Excellent! We have been to there and went to the museum. Great take on the prompt – really quite brilliant! Nan 🙂


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