so it shall be written. so it shall be done.

It most certainly wasn’t an absolute matter of life or death.   I’ve been known to get more desperately insatiably interested in many other things throughout my lifetime.   A while ago, though, I promised myself that if it turned out to be so much as the least bit possible, I should really like, by the end of this year, to get a nice digitalcanond camera in order that I could start taking pictures and making videos.   Last Christmas Mary Anne, Steve and the kids got me a really nice Samsung computer with Google chrome.   That may not have been quite their single smartest move considering that I’ve always been quite inordinately interested in that kind of thing.   Since then I’ve always really wanted to take every possible advantage of it by getting a nice camera.   I’ve been looking forward to taking some especially nice pictures and videos.   Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve been going to the Radio Shack on Park Avenue every once in a while to see what they have.     A while ago my cousin Gary told me on the phone that Canon makes exceptionally good cameras.    Yesterday I got one.    The price was originally a hundred and forty dollars.   The salesman said it was marked down to only a hundred dollars.   Unfortunately he said the memory card that was required for it to work wouldn’t be available until tomorrow.    Then I shall be all set.   Knowing me I can count on being quite deliriously happy once I have everything I need.   I can go  down to the beach and take lots of nice pictures and videos there now that the weather is so warm.   Besides that I also really want to see how it works for traveling, parties and vacations.     If ever I should have been entirely unable to get one,   I could very easily have gotten over it.    Not counting all the extreme annoyance of the short-term disappointment, I could have gotten along quite as well as I always had so far anyway.


6 thoughts on “so it shall be written. so it shall be done.

  1. Joseph E Rathjen says:

    Wasn’t that Yul Brynner that said that to Moses? It’s one of my favorite sayings.

    Digital cameras? I bought one once from a friend. When I downloaded its program into my computer, it crashed. Gone. Blacked out. Done. Even my nerdy, computer friend could not fix it. I had to buy a new computer.

    Digital cameras and me are no more, lol.

    Good post. have fun with your camera.


    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Thanks for the tip. I thought it was Yul Brynner in “The King & I” but you may be right. I’ve always like that line too. I surely hope my luck with the camera is at least fairly good & that yours was only an isolated incident


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