sweet thing yummy yummy

I’ve never had any one  specific sweet food or dessert that can be classified as the only one that’s simply irresistible, although home made apple pie , ever since I was a kid, has always been my very favorite pie.   I’ve always had quite an insatiable appetite for chocolate and other flavors of dessert.   My one and only advantage, when it comes to this problem, is that I’ve never been especially compulsive, in a neurotic kind of way.   When the absolutely ultimate ice cream, candy or whatever is, alas, all gone, I’m quite content to wait until  the next time it’s available, though I know that  very many people have such a hard time with that.    My problem is that until it’s gone I can go nuts constantly absent mindedly eating it.   Whenever there’s a significant amount of candy, ice  cream or some other nice dessert around I always wander over to it and keep incessantly eating.    When my cousins and I used to bowl together with the Knights of Columbus in Wantagh I was quite notorious for my habit of incessantly eating  Cheez Doodles, simply because they were constantly there.    The last time Mary Anne, Steve and I drove to Pennsylvania, to spend a little while in Wyoming, we stopped at such an especially nice old fashioned candy store, Sweet Expressions by Geri,  in Denville, New Jersey.   It was like a kind of  ultimate fantasy land for me, filled with such overwhelmingly enchanting colors and smells.    The entire time I was there it took quite an enormous amount of will power for me not to buy anything significant.   It’s the kind of place someone would expect a real Willie Wonka to have.    I’ve always been overly fond of things like chocolate,  marshmallow, caramel, rocky road and anything rich and creamy.   Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups can drive me crazy too.    In Moosic, Pennsylvania, there’s a really nice place named Jitty Joe’s.    They sell the best ice cream I’ve tasted since Grablick’s  that was in West Pittston when I was a kid.     As nice as Mr. Softee and all those other kinds of ice cream companies are, Jitty Joe’s has everyone beaten.  They have all the flavors I’ve referred to, and very many more.     As smitten as I’ve always been with desserts and all the sweeter richer foods life has to offer it’s quite a good thing I make sure they’re not constantly available.



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