i’m a believer

I believe:

I believe that staunch strict Catholic orthodoxy is the right way to go.   Even from a secular point of view it’s the only worldview that’s entirely in cahoots with the way human nature really works.    Logical consistency and simple common decency are at their very best from a specifically Catholic perspective.    It’s most certainly no accident that so many passages from both the Bible and the collected works of William Shakespeare have found their way into our everyday language.

I believe in being as articulate as possible.   These days, in our era of inclusive and otherwise ideologically inclined language, it’s so overwhelmingly easy for people to deceive and to be deceived.    I believe that one should, at all time, both say exactly what he means and mean exactly what he says.   Mankind was meant to take advantage of language, and symbolism in general, precisely at the service of the truth, not of some demented self serving agenda.

I  believe that although for someone to live in his past is seriously dysfunctional, visiting it frequently  is important to the point of being unavoidably necessary.   We need history teachers and story tellers to keep the world moving legitimately forward.    History is like language.   It should be be restricted to only a rightly ordered version of it.   He who can control a people’s past is he who can control their future.   

I don’t believe:

I don’t believe in common sense.   This seems odd precisely because so many people have always invoked common sense as if it were the singular most important thing in the entire known universe.   That’s exactly my entire point though.    Although G.K. Chesterton, the Apostle of Common Sense, appears to have been on the right track,  in its everyday usage, the term seems always to be invoked by people who want to ride shotgun over other people’s entire lives.  It’s a kind of Promethean pride in disguise.

I don’t believe in tolerance or open mindedness for the same reason I don’t believe in common sense.    I find people who profess to possess this quality to be supremely defiantly arrogant.   I agree with Chesterton’s claim that a mind is like a mouth.   Each of us should open his mouth , while talking, only long enough to make his point.   After that he makes a complete fool out of himself.    Each of us should also open his mouth, while eating, only long enough to put his food into it.    After that he presents a most repugnant site to others.    Being open minded presents us with exactly the same problem.    It’s quite a nasty way of overdoing something that’s only good up to a certain point.

I don’t believe that everything that’s possible is permissible.   This should be quite self evident but these days we’re living in a culture in which entirely too many people believe that they may do as they please simply because they can.   My entire proof of exactly how evil this is consists in a mere reminder of the simple fact that the people who fight the hardest in order to maintain these supposed absolute freedoms always want to control people entirely.   They only want us to do precisely those things that meet with their approval.


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