The Dancing Capuchin

‘I just remembered the word ‘Capuchin’, Henry said.

‘Capuchins were our teachers in grade school, and they are also a kind of monkey,’ Peter said. ‘Capuccino is also such a very fine coffee. Which are you referring to?

‘It’s the monkey,’ Henry pointed out. ‘Are they in the habit of dancing.?’

‘That’s Margaret’s pet,’ Peter said. ‘It always dances when she plays ‘Saturday Night Fever”s soundtrack.

‘I’ve never liked that album or movie,’ Henry said.

‘Be happy you never married Margaret,’ Peter said.

For a while they hung around happily admiring the monkey.

‘That cat knows how to bust a move,’ Peter said.

‘She gave it lessons,’ Henry said. ‘She’s a bit on the strange side be she’s a good friend.’

Thy went on watching the monkey, having a good time.

132 words


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