One of the things I have noticed about me personality, style, and general demeanor is that I appear to be so much like the typical character played by Woody Allen in his very best movies, which means that I am also like three characters in Charles Schulz’ ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. Woody Allen’s typical character and I have in common with Charlie Brown the ability to have a seemingly never ending streak of bad breaks. Things always fall apart when we touch them. We have in common with Schroeder an insatiable obsession with a bygone musical era. With Woody Allen it is the Big Band Era of the 1930’s and 1940’s. A typical ingredient of his movies is a soundtrack from those days. Schroeder’s great love is especially Beethoven, and classical music in general. Me biggest musical interest, as everyone knows, has to be the Beatles and all things 1960’s. Woody Allen’s other typical trademark is that his character will always make some supposedly seemingly profound insightful observation about ultimate meaning of life, based largely upon his being Jewish. Linus is the ‘Peanuts’ version of that trait, inevitably stopping to ponder the very point of mankind’s existence from a specifically Protestant point of view. Over the course of me adult lifetime especially I have always been especially consumed with Catholic theology and western philosophy. It all fits. As much as I may attempt to pass for a well rounded Cosmopolitan gentleman, with a dashing, dapper, persona, I have made me peace, by now, with the simple fact that I am me own distinct variation of Woody Allen and the ‘Peanuts’ kids.

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