TMP40: China Virus

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

As if it were not annoying enough that it ranks as close as possible to the single most incessantly and annoyingly frequently referred to thing over the course of the past two~ish years, last Wednesday morning I woke up with an attack of the China virus. On Tuesday morning I went to Mass and Confession.

Me day was not all that eventful. It rained that night so I stayed home from Terence’s Bible study meeting. I drank a small glass of bourbon. On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling so miserable with a headache, congestion, and extreme weakness, and congestion. At first I naturally assumed the bourbon was a smidge much but it was bigger than that unfortunately.

Me home test on Thursday confirmed it. I got the legendary virus. Fortunately last spring I got two shots so there is nothing to fear except extreme annoyance. I have been steadily improving though everyone says I am the single worst case in me immediate crowd. Considering that The past two years have been nothing but non stop controversy, pressure, and suspicion, with all manner of political and cultural upheaval, I absolutely can not stand it anymore.

The controversy about the impact of the shots upon us, which I wholeheartedly believe, is getting stale. We all know by now that politics is a dirty world and that Fauci and his friends are not the least bit trustworthy. Neither are Facebook’s fact checkers. Let us hope that 2022 will bring about some semblance of normal and that we can move onward past this truly stale and destructive problem. Too many people’s lives have already been irrevocably destroyed so the billionaires can get even more billions from their completely false Trust~the~Science scam.


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