Dolores And Her Mini Me

Every morning Dolores and her Mini Me wake up, go out, and face toward the Susquehanna River and the Pocono Mountains.  They always went there together to think.  Her parents could never afford to buy her a real conscience, because they were so prohibitively expensive when she was growing up.



That’s why they went out of their way to buy her a certified Mini Me.  “They’re just as good,” they incessantly insisted, “And besides that, they’re quite affordable.”



Dolores soon discovered that a Mini Me could also be counted on to have many other uses.  She was such a great conversation piece at parties.  Everybody really liked her cute little friend.  Whenever there was extra work to do, Mini Me could lend a much needed hand.  She could also always answer the phone, and happily take messages, when Dolores wasn’t available.



To this day, whenever Dolores is too shy, or having an anxiety or panic attack, Mini Me arrives at the rescue.  No chore is ever either too big or too small.  As they studied together while in school, now they also work together.  That’s why Dolores’ work is always so much more efficient and productive than that of any of the other employees.



Mini Me also has much nicer penmanship, so they’ve agreed that she can  write out all the things Dolores is obligated to keep track of.  Because of her superior sense of direction, there’s no need to invest in a sense of smell, or a G.P.S.  . Everyone just asks Mini Me for help whenever he wants to go someplace. 

The little friend even has quite an exceptionally intense sense of humor.  They can always be counted upon to enliven any party they attend.



Of course, with all that frenetic activity in the pair’s lifestyle, the so very desperately both require quite a lot of time to be able to relax and to enjoy some peace and quiet.  That’s why, so very long ago, they made a pact.  They promised always, at the break of each day, to have a relaxing enjoyable momentary trip to the mountains and river.



Welcome to D.B. McNicol’s  FOTOFLASH. .

 . Photo courtesy of PIXABAY .

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