The Party

Pub with bartenders and people sitting and ordering

John was at a dinner party last Friday night.  As always, Bertha and Periwinkle showed up.  Bertha and Periwinkle have an ongoing lifelong need to drive each other crazy.



As Bertha’s back is turned to Periwinkle, while she’s holding a conversation with a friend, John catches him slip something into her Margarita.  Eventually she turns around and casually takes a few sips.



Immediately and inexplicably, the lights all go out.  They eventually go back on again, after only a few short moments.  That’s when the real problem begins.



Suddenly Bertha is gone, or rather , she’s invisible.  She continues to sip her drink, and everyone sees the glass go up and down.  No one sees her though.



In order to make her feel as comfortable as possible in her new situation, everyone at the party agrees to act as if nothing has happened that’s the least bit out of the ordinary.   Her best friend Dora is especially tactful, friendly, and polite.




John, ever curiouser and curiouser as the night goes on, is in total AWE of how casually they all take things.  “It’s so odd,” wondered he aloud, ” How these characters see the most offbeat thing imaginable, and yet not one even so much as raises a single eyelash about it.”



Finally the confused patron gets up the spunk to ask the barkeep for the satisfaction of an explanation. 



“O that’s nothing much,” says the bartender. “You want really to see some sparks fly, you should come in here on the nights he turns her into a giraffe.”



Welcome back to Tell Tale Thursday with ANSHU and PRIYA .



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