The Willoughby Moment


Last night, as I often do, I took a ride on New York’s subways and the L.I.R.R.  I was confronted by the usual cast of characters~the bad musician, the disgruntled black radical on his soap box, and the young woman who routinely loses control of her bodily functions in one of the cars.



“Just once,” I told the conductor, “I’d really like to see a halcyon scene like that inside these cars.”





“Sir,” he explained.  “That’s a Willoughby moment.  We pass by here daily so each passenger can enjoy a respite from all the inevitable insanity.”



Welcome back, yet again, to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Read all about it, please, at her site.  This week, Sandra Crook supplies the photograph.

22 thoughts on “The Willoughby Moment

  1. 4963andypop says:

    Well this was a nice regional piece, lots of local color.
    For me, a mere Southern yokel, it proved to be a little confusing. It required me to look up three terms: halcyon, LIRR, and gnomic (from Pennys comment.). Im afraid I didn’t get the Willoughby reference either. Wikipedia was no help. Is it a British thing?
    Seemed like,somehow, a portion of the ride was idyllic and peaceful, despite actual circumstances and occupants of the car to the contrary. Whether this happened through magic by the conductor or the surroundings im not sure. Definitely intriguing!

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  2. Dale says:

    Having not watched The Twilight Zone and Googled, like Andrea, (which only brought me to some woman named Willoughby who had been abused by her husband) I was lost here.
    I did figure it meant a momentary respite in the crazy that is the every day…

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