Lido Kosher Deli

Large Kosher Food

Sometimes I go to the Lido Kosher Deli on Park Avenue in Long Beach.  For some reason I’ve never gotten into the habit of eating even the least bit often at any of the local restaurants, delis, and  take~out places but I enjoy them when I occasionally go. 



Our local kosher deli, on Park Avenue, is in the same neighborhood as an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant, and a liquor store.



The food at the deli is always quite good there.   The last time I went there I got a pastrami sandwich.  The only disadvantage is that it was too big for me to eat it easily.  Their portions are always so huge.  That was a real problem one day, a few years ago when I presumed to get a hamburger.   It was way beyond too sloppy, sticky, and clumsy for me.   I’ve never been able to stand to have anything even the least bit sticky anywhere near me so I’ve been wary of their hamburgers ever since then.  The taste is exceptional but I desperately need a knife and fork for them.



Like all delis, they have potato salad, cole slaw, and many other side dishes and appetizers.  We most certainly can’t forget their Pickles either.   Their pickles are quite seriously humongous.  As with all the other food there, these deli staples are doled out in serving sizes seemingly intended for the inhabitants of Brobdingnag in Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.   



I highly recommend this deli for anyone who lives near hear but only if he has quite an exceptionally hearty appetite.   To finish a full meal there is most certainly quite a significant accomplishment.



Here is my contribution to the Ragtag Daily Prompt





the greatest american hero, or hoagie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You, the Sandwich.” For many years my cousins, Larry, Gary, Joe, and I were on a bowling league with the Knights of Columbus St. Jane Frances de Chantal Council 6526 in Wantagh, New York.  We bowled every Friday night at Wantagh Lanes. While we were on the league they gave me the name B.L.T.  It only makes sense that were a restaurant to name a meal after me it would have to be a B.L.T. sandwich.  Of course there’s no rule that says its ingredients would have to be restricted to bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. I’ve always been quite smitten with Swiss cheese so it could have quite a healthy helping of that on it too.  In order to be consonant with the way I operate it could, at least occasionally include things like turkey, chicken, ham, fruit and anything else that may remind people of my lopsided antics. Never having been overly fond of spices I could see how anything with an exceptionally intense kick should be kept to a minimum. I’ve never been able to handle anything too sloppy or sticky. The local Lido Kosher Deli has a hamburger that drives me crazy because it’s so hard to handle, being so extremely sticky. My sandwich, by definition, would have to be plain and simple in that respect.  As long as its ingredients include those three primary ones, and it’s reasonably need and easy to handle, it’s quite the perfect edible symbol of me.

…but first take a lopsided tour of all the stuff around here

If a stranger comes knocking and wants to know how he can get to the Long Beach station of the Long Island Railroad, I should ask him if perchance he may enjoy an ice cream cone. If so then he could start his trip by going for a few miles into the opposite direction on Park Avenue, to Marvel. It’s pronounced to rhyme with Carvel. He’ll be headed toward the Loop Parkway, somewhat past there, in case he really wants to go far away. After that he may want to go down past Beech Street to see the several miles of beaches we have around here. Who could possibly even try to resist our enchanting boardwalk? While there he could either rest or exercise. I’ve been there several times since I first got here.  On his way back in this direction he may stop at  the Lido Kosher Deli, as well as the liquor store, Italian restaurant and pizzeria right next door to the Key Food on Park Avenue. Across the street from them is Associated too.  Except for the kosher deli’s French fries I really like all the stuff they have there. Perhaps he could go down to the West End where they have a nice business district with several restaurants, as well as a CVS, and bagel shops.  Maybe he could even stop at Swingbelly’s Restaurant, where my niece works. If he happens to show up on either a Wednesday or a Saturday he can go to the Farmer’s Market at Kennedy Plaza. That’s very close to the train station. Of course for good coffee he could go to the Coffee Nut Cafe and Gentle Brew. Depending on his religion he may want to visit either Young Israel or the Knights of Columbus Council 2626. For clothes he could go slightly over the bridge onto Long Beach Road in Island Park and shop at Kohl’s and Marshall’s. By the time he even remembers that all he wanted to catch a train he will have seen much of what really keeps life interesting around here.