Irish Writers

My mother’s ancestors were from Ireland.  Maybe if I ever get a chance to travel, I could even go to Dublin, and try to walk in at least the physical footsteps of James Joyce and William Butler Yeats.

From what I know of Joyce and Yeats, they both had such overly eccentric ideas, and I’ve always been a bit of a square.    


If I’m going ever to travel that far, I might just as well do something that distinctive and interesting.  Things as droll and uneventful as Baseball and  Waterbeds can be found right here in this country anyway. 



Welcome back to Paula Light’s Three Things Challenge(3TC), where today’s words are Dublin, waterbed, baseball .





I May Never Get There

I’ve finally gotten my passport. My ethnic background’s Irish so I’m going to Ireland on Aer Lingus from La Guardia. Thought it’d never happen. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain,” I hear. “Due to severe weather conditions, we are unable to…”


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Musical Milestone


“Although my staunchly Irish Catholic family considered it a mortal sin, that day I wasn’t paying attention to the rioting in Northern Ireland’s Derry.


Seated at the living room table, which was cluttered with artifacts of all the vices of our day, I was consumed with my Gretsch guitar, practicing with friends.



“Just think!” Bernie reminded us. “Everybody from Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane to Joan Baez and Janis Joplin will be there this weekend!”



“Feh!” Helen bragged. “We can be just as good. After all, we have been practicing constantly for the past three full months together!



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Give Ireland Back to the Irish

Instead of attending the parade this year, the Deasy’s decided to take a leisurely boat ride on St. Patrick’s Day.

“While we’re here,” Tom reminded Eileen, “I can catch up on all my reading.”

“Remember it’s the centenary of the Easter Rising,” she noted.

“Starting on Easter Monday that year,” she stated, “Over the course of six days, the Irish Volunteers, the Irish Citizen Army, and Cumann na mBan, spent six days fighting to establish the Irish Republic.”

“This is a lot more interesting and a lot less stressful than a parade,” he replied. “Let’s do it again every year.”

Each week we write a hundred word story for Friday Fictioneers where Rochelle Wisoff~Fields is in charge. This week Rochelle has also supplied our photo prompt.

it’s a sick world after all

This May 22 Ireland, a once sane, decent country, allowed homosexuals to marry, thereby welcoming back all the snakes that were long ago eradicated by St. Patrick.  Early today the United States’ Roberts Supreme Court, to their irreversible shame and disgrace, made the same inexcusable decision. For one thing it’s intrinsically impossible, by definition, for people of the same sex to marry. Besides that they’ve entirely outlawed, in practice, the First Amendment to the Constitution. By using the camouflage of civil rights and equality, the pro-homosexuality will now be able to treat freedom of religion in general, and Christianity specifically, as if they are somehow violation of their very dignity as human beings. We’re now on the verge of following in the totalitarian footsteps of Robespierre’s Revolutionary France, Bismarck’s Kulturkampf, and Hitler’s Nazis. This is nothing to be taken the least bit lightly.

toora loora loora


Of all our relatives, Uncle Jimmy has always been the most obsessed with our Irish ethnic background. This St. Patrick’s Day he explained to us all about how our patron saint chased the snakes-pagans and Druids-out of Ireland.

“Eventually,” he said, “we were confronted with those other snakes, the English and Protestants.”

Not surprisingly, he gave each of us kids a biography of Eamon de Valera and one of Michael Collins.

He’s like an Irish version of Michael Constantine in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

a most colorful fellow

Guadalupe (Lupita) Martinez was a young, lovely resident of Lindenhurst, N.Y., and an employee of the Acme Corporation on Wellwood Avenue in the middle of her Long Island village.    With all her beauty, elegance, grace, intelligence, sophistication and education though, she thought it quite difficult to find a decent man.   One day, her two best friends, Jenny Randy and Sharon Ferdinand, sick and tired of her non stop whining about her supposed impending spinsterhood,  presumed to take it upon themselves to fix her up with a real gentleman.    After having asked several other friends for help, they managed to end up with Sharon’s cousin Reginald who, they’d hoped, would strike her as at least an interesting decent guy.    As it turns out, though, Reginald was a bit of a character, to put it as politely as possible.    Having just broken up with his girlfriend, Rachel, he was more than somewhat prone toward irrational tendencies.   His emotions overtook him so that he soon fancied himself a long-lost member of ancient Irish royalty.      Lupita, though, having known nothing of his weird ways, never suspected anything when she took her friends up on their offer.     At 8:00 on Friday night, she showed up, as agreed, at Katie Daly’s on Merrick Road in Massapequa, politely awaiting the arrival of her suitor.    She thought it was going to be a typical blind date until she noticed his bodyguards.     It turns out that he had really started to go entirely overboard with his latest fantasy.    There he stood, all prim and proper, before her, in what he assumed was traditional ancient Irish garb.     The poor fellow spent the entire night regaling her with stories of the spurious adventures of long-ago druids and other mythological characters, each of whom existed only in his hyperactive imagination.   He drove Lupita crazy but she didn’t have the nerve to risk hurting his feelings.     She felt awfully bad about how nasty a time she was having.       After it was all over she went home, relieved to be free of him.   The next day, when she got in touch with her friends, Sharon told her: “At least it’s only a once in a lifetime occurrence”.    “You can count on an absolute guarantee of that!”, snapped Guadalupe.      



i’ll take you home again caffeine

If I should have ever had the ability to be only one part man and two parts something else, I should have wanted to be two parts coffee.   Just think of all the exceptionally interesting possibilities of such a lovely arrangement.    It’s always been quite a very favorite thing of mine anyway.   For one thing everyone so thoroughly enjoys its aroma that I could save quite an exceptionally large sum of money that would otherwise have been squandered on deodorant, toothpaste, soap and cologne.   People could ask : “Hey what smells so nice?” and then realize that : “Hey it’s good old Coffee Larry!”.    Up until now one of my most significant nicknames has always been B.L.T.   If I were part coffee people could call be B.L.T. and coffee.   That might provoke quite an awful lot of confusion at restaurants though.    A waitress would walk over to someone’s table and ask him innocently: “Sir, would you like our specialty today,  a B.L.T. with coffee?” and there would be lots of hurt feelings if I couldn’t show up.

In order o-COFFEE-CREAMER-facebookto be as fair as possible, I should very much like to have a switch built into me so that I could change over from regular to decaffeinated in case I’m ever in the company of someone who doesn’t get to sleep very much.   Everyone knows what a big problem that is.    Lately I’ve been going to the Coffee Nut Cafe a lot so maybe I could take advantage of some ideas I’ve gotten from them.   I could have all different kinds of flavors and serving sizes.    I could have a switch for flavors from places like Italy, Costa Rica, Ireland, Peru and even Queens.   People would gasp upon tasting it an exclaim:  “O Wow!!   This Queens flavor is something else!!   It makes me feel as if I’m right over in Jackson Heights!!”    A lot of people enjoy their coffee black but a lot of people like milk or some other flavoring.   I’d be happy to provide all sorts of things like that.   I’d be determined to have all sorts of whipped cream,cappuccino chocolate and anything else that could keep things as interesting as possible.   It would even be a good idea to pack a supply of Jameson’s, anise and other alcoholic drinks in case anyone might enjoy some Irish coffee, espresso or anything else with a bit of a kick.    It’s too bad I can’t be coffee.   I’d truly be welcome everywhere.