Gentle Brew

Such An Inexcusably Stupid Name For A Drink Or What!

Herman has always really enjoyed green matcha tea, but he’s never been able to stand the name of it.  “What in the hell kind of a complete lunatic could possibly have come up with a name like ‘matcha’ for a tea?!’ he regularly asked friends, in genuinely stunned disbelief.



One day he flat out decided he wasn’t ever going to say that “stupider than cow crap” name again.  “You couldn’t pay me to say something like that”, he complained.



His two very favorite coffee shops are the Coffee Nut Cafe’, and Gentle Brew, both in Long Beach.  He went to the former every morning, and the latter every night, to get his daily matchas.  



From the time he started his boycott of the name, there was trouble.   He tried desperately to get it from each place by describing it, by pointing it out on the sign, and by otherwise roundabout means.  Nothing worked.  The pretty baristas in each place had been informed of a most non~negotiable rule: “If you don’t refer to it by its  name, we’re not allowed to give it to you.”



Eventually it became like a game with the employees of each place.   They started taking turns in an attempt to annoy their overly frustrated and persnickety friend.   Each one got a bigger laugh than the last upon having asked him: “What can I get you today, Sir?”



Eventually word got around to people all over Long Island about this colorful local character and his distinctive quirk.  By now everybody knows of him.  He’s even been the subject of several articles in Newsday.  At least he’s quite happy with his distinctive status.



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Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter C

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‘C’ is for Coffee.  It’s always been an absolute top contender for my very favorite drink of all time.  When I was still only very young, in my late teens, I first started drinking it. Back then I often experienced very bad reactions to the demon brew~mostly violent migraines and a sick stomach. 



For some strange reason, however, I was never for one second even the least bit willing to give up on it.  Somehow, over the course of quite a while, I eventually learned to deal with the problems that ensued from my pet vice. Eventually the headaches subsided, and I no longer have the other problems either.  



I’ve always been quite notorious for my habit of drinking at least three cups daily.   In my neighborhood, there are two especially nice coffee shop.  One is the Coffee Nut Cafe’, where I go daily because it’s the closer of them.  The other, Gentle Brew, is only slightly farther away.  I occasionally go there on weekends because each weekend they have breakfast available for a few hours.



Each of those two places has coffee available from a wide variety of countries, from Columbia and Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala, to Italy, and a few African countries



Many people think a real coffee drinker should be obligated to drink his coffee only black, with no milk and no flavors. I can’t have it black though, because it makes me violently ill.  Besides that, I truly enjoy experimenting with quite a wide variety of different flavors.



It’s always struck me as quite a fine habit to have.  Besides that, it also gives me a reputation among people I associate with.  By now everyone sees me as the veritable personification of excessive consumption of coffee.  Everyone has his vice.   Drinking too much coffee is only a fairly minor one.



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About Coffee

Suffice it to say that I have always quite enjoyed a nice piping hot cup of coffee.  Cold coffee is exceptionally good too, but I practically inevitably get my share of the most Delectable of brews hot.   



I really wish I could have gotten into the habit of drinking it black, but I get too violently ill if I have it that way, so I need milk.   Unlike many people, who find flavored coffee Unpalatable, I quite enjoy it.   At the Coffee Nut Cafe’, in Long Beach, where I usually get my daily cup, they have quite a wide variety of flavors, including cherry, raspberry, and blueberry.  I’ve gone there so regularly over the course of the past five years that the girls who work there have gotten to know me.  Gentle Brew, where I go less frequently because it’s slightly farther down the street, also has quite an impressive array of coffees. I go there once in a while on weekends to get breakfast too.



There are only two coffees I’ve never been able to handle. They’re Sanka, which today’s young people seem never to have heard of, and Starbuck’s.  As far as I’m concerned they’re both quite nasty.  The only difference I can see is that Starbuck’s  is trendy, has an unforgivable political affiliation, and offers a variety of flavors. Sanka is just plain and inconspicuous.  They’re both completely Unwelcome anywhere near me.



Sanka/Starbuck’s: real coffee::Cold weather:hot weather



I’m only expressing my opinion, but it’s quite an exceptionally intense one.



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Foaming At the Mouth

I’ve always been quite a fool for a hot cup of coffee.  Not counting Sanka and Starbuck’s, I’ll drink any other kind.


Most days since I’ve been in Long Beach, I can be counted on to go once a day to the Coffee Nut Cafe’ on Park Avenue, to get a cup of coffee. Occasionally I go to Gentle Brew, also on Park Avenue, but since the former is closer, I much more often go there.


Lately I restrict my purchases to the less expensive~it’s only two dollars a cup~plain flavored coffee. Whenever I go to Gentle Brew, though, I cheat and get a latte’ or something equivalently intense. I used, until recently, to get the fancy drinks on a regular basis at the Coffee Nut Cafe’ too.


For me a large part of the enjoyment of drinks like latte’ is the froth at the top. Maybe I’m a  smidge or two on the eccentric side, but I’ve always quite enjoyed the foam at the top of soda, beer, coffee, and all sorts of other drinks. I’ve so often noticed that most people appear even to recoil in horror from even the risk of touching those bubbles at the top of a drink.


When I was in the Knights of Columbus’ Council 794, in Lindenhurst, I occasionally took a turn as a bartender, mostly on Friday nights.  I used always to get into trouble for putting too much of a head on people’s beers. Alas, in my case, it was inevitably because of incompetence but I still can’t understand why that’s always struck people as such a very bad thing somehow.  Am I the only one who gets a kick out of froth?


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Help From Heaven 


Feel Purple








…but first take a lopsided tour of all the stuff around here

If a stranger comes knocking and wants to know how he can get to the Long Beach station of the Long Island Railroad, I should ask him if perchance he may enjoy an ice cream cone. If so then he could start his trip by going for a few miles into the opposite direction on Park Avenue, to Marvel. It’s pronounced to rhyme with Carvel. He’ll be headed toward the Loop Parkway, somewhat past there, in case he really wants to go far away. After that he may want to go down past Beech Street to see the several miles of beaches we have around here. Who could possibly even try to resist our enchanting boardwalk? While there he could either rest or exercise. I’ve been there several times since I first got here.  On his way back in this direction he may stop at  the Lido Kosher Deli, as well as the liquor store, Italian restaurant and pizzeria right next door to the Key Food on Park Avenue. Across the street from them is Associated too.  Except for the kosher deli’s French fries I really like all the stuff they have there. Perhaps he could go down to the West End where they have a nice business district with several restaurants, as well as a CVS, and bagel shops.  Maybe he could even stop at Swingbelly’s Restaurant, where my niece works. If he happens to show up on either a Wednesday or a Saturday he can go to the Farmer’s Market at Kennedy Plaza. That’s very close to the train station. Of course for good coffee he could go to the Coffee Nut Cafe and Gentle Brew. Depending on his religion he may want to visit either Young Israel or the Knights of Columbus Council 2626. For clothes he could go slightly over the bridge onto Long Beach Road in Island Park and shop at Kohl’s and Marshall’s. By the time he even remembers that all he wanted to catch a train he will have seen much of what really keeps life interesting around here.

coffee clash

Over the course of the past quite a few months I’ve always been in the entirely non negotiable habit of making at least one trip each day to the Coffee Nut Cafe on Park Avenue in Long Beach in order to get my requisite medium sized cup of coffee.     By now I’ve become so predictable a fixture there that the ladies who work there recognize me quite well.    One Saturday morning a few months ago,  I was subjected to quite a bitter disappointment.    On that day the unthinkable happened:  the coffee shop  ran out of coffee.     “Sir,” the owner exclaimed in exasperation, “the trucks that are supposed to bring us our supplies regularly broke down last night and haven’t yet been fixed.”     She, the other ladies working there, all the other regulars and I stared at each other in total disbelief and frustration.     I didn’t know what to do.   After having walked a half mile, with my bad feet, all the way over to Park Avenue for nothing, especially disappointed due to my having been begrudged the single most unavoidably mandatory ritual of my day, all I could do was to sulk in self pity on my way out the door.    They still had lots of gelato and pastries available so I could easily gotten something just for the sake of being able to make the trip somewhat worthwhile.     It wouldn’t have been the same though.     Because of my always having somewhat prone toward being a sore loser, unfortunately, I spent the rest of the day obsessing over it.    I found myself snapping at anyone who presumed to mispronounce a syllable within earshot of me.      Having never before been subjected to anything so frustrating I even got a migraine that lasted until Sunday morning.     Somehow, since then, I’ve managed to overcome my bitter resentment of such a horrible thing.   Every once in a while, though, I remind the ladies that if they ever even so much as let something like that happen even one more time, I shall start going regularly to Gentle Brew.

hail hail the gang’s all here

The last time I went to the beach specifically in order to spend the day swimming was, believe it or not, on Groundhog Day.     Mary Anne, Steve, Mark, some friends of theirs and I went there for a Polar Bear Club fund raiser.     If we were ever to go there around this time of the year, on a bright sunny day, eating watermelon and having a leisurely enjoyable time,   and suddenly from out of nowhere, hail were to start falling onto us, it most certainly wouldn’t be even the least bit difficult to find something else to do.    Of course there’s a pretty good chance we wouldn’t stay on the beach so maybe we could go to someplace like either the Coffee Nut Cafe or Gentle Brew in order to get something really nice to eat or to drink.   Those are both exceptionally good coffee shops on Park Avenue in Long Beach.    We could even do what we did after our jaunt on Groundhog Day.    We could very easily come back to the house and have a few drinks or coffee, or both, right here.    It would be difficult to get there but at least we could stay indoors and have something enjoyable to do until the storm abated.    Since the beach is only around a half mile walk from here it’s never the least bit difficult, although there would be quite a few other disgruntled people to have to deal with under such a harrowing set of circumstances.    The only thing that would make it unbearably aggravating, would be that, since the beach is so close to here, we would most probably have walked there.    That would mean that we’d have to walk away in such unbearably miserable weather.    Even in a car, we’d be forced to drive so unbearably slowly in order to avoid any trouble.      For people who have to travel an even reasonably significant distance to the beach, of course, things wouldn’t work out the least bit well.     Of course that’s all assuming it’s only a moderate hailstorm.   If it gets very bad, we’ll have to hide under the boardwalk.