utopia dystopia

Dora and Periwinkle always read the Chick Tracts they find on their train.

“This moron was a true product of our ugly age,” she exclaimed.

He wanted an explanation.

“He was like the secular fanatics who cry racism, anti-Semitism, yada yada when they don’t get their way,” she groaned.

“His cartoons portray an ugly, vengeful God who sends everyone except Fundamentalist Christians to Hell.”

“Secularism is equally ugly and vengeful, sentencing all us intolerant Deplorables and Hypocrites to some neo-Nuremburg Trials.

“Fanaticism of any kind is always quite evil,” Periwinkle sighed.

Both then stared vacantly and sadly into the distance.

Thanks to C.E. Ayr for our photo prompt this week and to Rochelle Wisoff~Fields, as always, for guiding us in Friday Fictioneers.


moslem terrorism in paris

About the recent Paris terrorist attacks I’ve always known that the world of liberalism, secular materialism, or any other name it may be known by, is so very ugly but a recent cartoon, published by Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Joann Sfar on Friday night, truly highlights exactly how poisonous it really is.

By highlighting the fact that Paris is an environment that is open to enjoyment and beauty, and claiming that somehow religion, (Catholicism most especially, of course) is opposed to all that is worthwhile,they’re determined to begrudge people an opportunity to Pray for this city during its people’s hardest time. Of course anyone who presumes to complain about the moslems or islam will be declared a racist.

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly paper that is notorious for being secular, far right wing, and anti-religious, especially anti-Catholic. The cartoon condemns the #prayforparis hashtag as if prayer is somehow intrinsically counter to the spirit of all the good things that Paris stands for.

life without grown ups


Each day ten year old Mildred Fleener sat on her porch reading her favorite comic strip, Charles Schulz’ “Peanuts”. She never could get over how its characters were all grammar school kids, with no grown ups to watch over them. In her neighborhood, in her life in general, all was so happy and pretty.

“We have grown ups to thank for that,” she thought. “Sometimes they’re weird but I’d be a-scared of life without them.”

Life in Daisy Hill, her hometown, was nothing like the strangely messed up environment she noticed in the “Peanuts” strip. Still she quite enjoyed the cartoon.

good grief!

I have always thought that if I were ever to choose a Halloween costume that would be the definitive representation of the real me, although I am only one guy, it would absolutely have to be one that represented the entire gang from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip “Peanuts”. Like Charlie Brown, the little round-headed kid, I always seem to be prone toward misfortune.  Each of us seems to have quite a flair for finding life’s booby traps the hard way. A main difference between him and me is that although he is perpetually smitten with the little red-haired girl I have always been terrified of her.  The Linus in me tends to be exceptionally introspective, always taking a significantly intellectually inclined approach to things. I always hang onto whatever security blanket is conveniently available too.  Everyone knows about my affinity with Schroeder. The main distincgreat.pumpkintion between him and me is that while his main obsession is classical music, mainly Ludwig van Beethoven, I have always been equally insatiably consumed with the lives and times of the Beatles, and all the music, and circumstances in general, of the 1960’s. My sloppy disheveled side is represented by Pig Pen. To my chagrin I tend to be quite disorganized in certain ways.

leftist gestapo

tom.jerryI’m sick and tired of always being told that the liberals fully expect to have complete control over how we live our lives, right down to even so much as the very last cartoon. Think about it please, people. This morning I read something about how the left wing totalitarians have somehow decided for us that “Tom And Jerry”, the famous cat and mouse cartoon from over a half century ago, somehow promotes racism. Besides that they’ve decided to do us the big favor of continuing to allow us to have their much-cherished permission to purchase copies of it. Of course their condition is that each copy will come fully equipped with a recorded warning-revisionist history, to be sure-by none other than that veritable paragon of left wing obscenity, Whoopi Goldberg, reminding us, one and all, of what a thoroughly horribly couple of rabid racists Messrs. Hanna and Barbara were.  Will someone please explain something to my satisfaction? Have we all absolutely and irrevocably lost our minds in this country or what? When did we suddenly start stooping so low that it became necessary to take orders from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg about what is considered appropriate for public consumption? Something simply must be done about this nightmare immediately. Each individual’s very right to think for himself and to make his own decisions is being fast taken away from him and supplanted  by some Orwellian dementia in order to meet with the approval and permission of certain totalitarian special interest groups. Only a fool would accept this as normal and legitimate. We have every right to think for ourselves.