listen. do you want to know a secret? do you promise not to tell?

As far as I can remember I’ve always been exceptionally good at keeping secrets. Even counting unintentional lapses of judgment, I seem always to have been the kind of character upon whom others can always rely for a trustworthy confidante. Of course I most certainly have told quite a few extremely minor insignificant secrets over the years. I can’t think of any examples though. To my credit, however, when I simply must keep my mouth shut, I’m always quite happy to comply.  Maybe it’s because I realize from entirely seriously hard-earned experience how difficult it would be for me to accept the consequences of my having done something I shouldn’t have. I’ve always had quite an exceptionally hard time with facing up to the much nastier consequences of my actions. As far as I’m concerned it’s simply not even the least bit worth the trouble to say something when I’m required to keep quiet.  The ability to keep my mouth shut has always come very easily to me.



when i’m sixty four

If I were to wake up tomorrow morning and to find out that I have somehow aged a decade from out of nowhere,  I should have to start making some very significant changes to my approach to health care.    The older someone gets the more careful he has to be about all matters relating his diet and exercise.   The grey hair and wrinkles will force me into quite a major adjustment too.    I shall also have to take a closer look at the reality of death because the more time that passes by the closer the ultimate moment of truth inevitably gets.    Assuming this odd stroke of fate will have happened to me, I should be forced to make up quite an interesting story to explain it all to my contemporaries.     Maybe I could even start wearing old-man clothes and affecting old-man speech patterns, habits and mannerisms.     Since no real time will have lapsed, I shall have missed out on an entire decade’s worth of stories to tell and experiences to capitalize on.   Knowing my imagination, with its tendency to go into all sorts of offbeat directions, I shall have quite a time pondering all the wild twists and turns that I shall be subjected to.    Since, throughout my lifetime, I’ve always been so knowledgeable about the 1960’s I could take advantage of the twist of fate by blending in with people who are a decade older than I.   It would be quite an interesting experience to be able to see who notices that there is something awfully wrong with my particular circumstances.     Because of my advanced years I could feel quite free to make inappropriate remarks, to engage in inappropriate behavior and to flirt with really pretty young girls.    So far I still get into quite an awful lot of trouble for things like that, but since I’ll be so old everyone will be happy to humor the harmless old guy.