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THE REGINA CAELI V.) O Queen of heaven, rejoice! Alleluia. R.) For he whom you did merit and bear, Alleluia. V.) Has risen as he said, Alleluia. R.) Pray for us to God, Alleluia. V.) Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, Alleluia. R,) For the Lord has risen indeed, Alleluia. LET US PRAY God […]

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Blogging From A To Z ~Letter T

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My parents were both from northeastern Pennsylvania.  My mother was from the small city of Pittston, where, every year, they have quite a significantly famous tomato festival.  I’ve attended it several times.  It’s always during the middle of August. This year it runs from Thursday, August 15 through Sunday, the 18th.


Here is the information on the official page:  PITTSTON PENNSYLVANIA ANNUAL TOMATO FESTIVAL 

Holy Saturday. —On the Blessed Virgin at Our Lord’s Sepulchre. — Holy Cross Publications

Holy Saturday. On the Blessed Virgin at Our Lord’s Sepulchre. PRAYER BEFORE MEDITATION. My God, I firmly believe that Thou art here present. I acknowledge that on account of my many sins I am utterly unworthy to appear before Thy sacred countenance. Yet, confiding in Thy infinite goodness and mercy, I venture to address Thee, […]

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Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Bird.

People think the Knights’ Pub, over on Beech Street, is just a smoke~filled room filled with over~the~hill Catholic guys, their befuddled haüsfraüen, and sundry other equally harmless characters.



I’m here, however, to tell you that it’s not quite always a trip to Beautiful Downtown Squaresville.  I found that out the hard way one exceptionally confusing night only a few months ago.


Both Mikes, Freddie, Louie, Bill, George Jr., and I, among several others, had just finished our twice monthly meeting.  As always, we made sure we went over to the bar and asked for a few beers.



Believe it or not, I can say that I was there when the sombrero wearing penguin walked into the bar and asked for change for a fifty, a few shots of bourbon, and the hand of Linda,the pretty barmaid.


We were all, of course, so frightfully befuddled.  I as is our custom with new people, was about to go over to the bird and to introduce myself and all the others.  Freddie, then the Worthy Grand Knight, motioned me to stop before I got a chance.



All the fellows and I proceeded to behave ever so exceptionally casually, especially because we all know that Linda had never really been romantically involved with a penguin so far, though of course, hey, there’s most certainly a first time for everything, we reckoned. 


“¿Usted es mexicano, Señor?” we overheard our gorgeous friend ask the adventurous bird.


“Sí,sí, señorita hermosisima,” was his distinctively dashing and dapper reply.



Throughout the course of the long night, one patron right after the other walked into and out of eyeshot of this distinctively colorful scene.



Free to talk among ourselves, we began mulling things over.  “Should we ask him to join our order?” George Jr. wondered. 


Oh I don’t know about that,” both Mikes answered. “He may not even be Catholic.”


“Oh, come on,” Freddie reminded him.  He’s Mexican! How can he not be Catholic?!



Of course, gentlemen that we all are, we let him have his turn at wooing our lovely young friend.  Then, when he was finally finished with all the mushy stuff, we finally went over to him, introduced ourselves, and handed him some paperwork so he could join our order.  We’ve already interviewed him officially, and we soon shall see if he turns out to be our kind of guy. 


“How Credible or Creative do you find my tale – please score me out of 10.”


Here is me latest addition to Rory’s SPIN THE YARN .

The Wit And Wisdom Of the Egg Man

The egg man, the walrus, and the dark horse went out to play.   “I’m telling you, my friends,” said the egg man. “It’s quite true what folks say. We eggs are perfect symbols.  When someone hits me from without, it does permanent, irreparable damage; but, of course, when I apply pressure from within, it always works to my advantage. That’s your official lesson for the day.  Believe it or not,” he went on,”You should always listen to me.”


Are there any other characters we should listen too? ” asked the ever curiouser~and~curiouser walrus.


“Yes, of course there most certainly are,” replied the ever gentlemanly egg man. “Just make sure, though, that you always pay even more attention to me than to them.”


The dark horse and the walrus, ever happy to have such a delightfully sagacious font of all wisdom, agreed to all his terms.


Here’s my latest attempt at RAGTAG DAILY PROMPT .


Now I wake up very early.

I start my day about at six



“What time is it?” I ask aloud.

I have to go to work quite soon

Of course.


I eat my wholesome breakfast and

I take my daily shower too 

At dawn.


I beat the noisome traffic jams

In both directions day and night.

It’s sad.


Each day I follow this routine.

I have it memorized by now 



I pray my daily Rosary. 

The beads are getting old and worn 

With time.


I have a nice hobby or two

To fill the time when I’m alone

At last.


Someday I shall pass on, my friends.

No one will know that I have come

And gone.



Here’s my very first ever attempt at a SYNCHRONICITY POEM  for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie’s Saturday Mix.



Ep 33 Alison Centofante: The Truth About Abortion — Help Me Believe

Alison Centofante is the director of external affairs at Live Action, a pro-life media movement that aims to end abortion. Alison reveals the truth about abortion in a gracious and loving way. If you have had an abortion, or been affected by one, you are not alone and you are loved. Please reach out and […]

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Hey Man If That’s What It Takes

Bob works at a local bank behind the scenes.  He and red haired Doreen drive each other crazy. He has a strict rule about getting married:  no red hair and you have to be both the same age. 


Bob’s always cranky and surly because obscenely loud people nearby rankle upon his nerves.  His nasty ways terrify Doreen.



One day gorgeous, dark~haired Stephanie, fourteen years younger than he, starts working there, and evil Bob somehow conveniently becomes a perfect gentleman and total charmer, so sweet he can impress her like crazy.  


Doreen never lets him live it down.  “One pretty girl’s all it takes?!”



This weekend Sammi’s word is IMPRESS .  My post is based upon a true story.

Three Spring Shorts

Please Be Informed

Easter’s Fresh Lilies

Fragrant Spray for Paschaltide

In the Air right Now


Spring Showers

Step on Daffodils

All day long


The Italian word for ‘rose’ is ‘rosa’.

The Italian word for ‘red’ is ‘rossa’.

It’s confusing.