Happy Birthday Beer Can

‘Today is Beer Can’s birthday,’ Henry said.

‘Her name is Brianne,’ Peter reminded him.

‘What can we get her?’ Henry asked.

Glancing casually, for no reason, at the ‘Yield’ sign on the street corner, Peter said, ‘Last year we got her the Greta In the Box, that played. ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’, until the teenaged girl’s head popped out of it and screamed, ‘How Dare You?’

‘She will never forgive us for that one,’ Henry said.

‘I enjoy annoying and tormenting her,’ Peter said. ‘It’s the only good thing that can be done with the likes of her kind. The catch is, she is so good at getting the last laugh. Whatsoever we do, her most evil majesty is simply bound to top.’


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