High Tech

My parents were both from northeastern Pennsylvania where all manner of unusual things can happen in some obscure spot in the Poconos. I’m a New Yorker, where it is all flat and nothing can be hidden from plain sight. One bright and sunny afternoon a while ago, I was walking through the Poconos when of a sudden I chanced upon a large screen, sort of like the one you might read about in something by George MacDonald, Lewis Carroll, or maybe I’m thinking of C.S. Lewis.

The very first thing occurred to me was what if it was one of those portals to the past? Be something if I died there, wouldn’t it? My gravestone would say, beneath my name, ‘1959~1806’. O that would simply never do….besides which, if I went there, into yesterday’s world with today’s clothing, I’d for sure stand out but good. Even though it may be nice to see what things were like in days of yore, once the apple has already been eaten, can’t nobody backtrack. I’d feel so horribly uncomfortable and self conscious.

On top of all that, I kept thinking, because I’m wise to all those tricks, they might try to con me into thinking it was such a fine place like Willoughby from ‘The Twilight Zone,’ while in reality, it’s more like a total mad house like ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

While I was having the (sort of ) time of my life fantasizing about all the ominous foreboding possibilities thereof, some local character passed by, nodded a casual friendly greeting and, in passing, said ‘How do you like the newfangled 3 D virtual reality simulator they’ve put up? It’s the latest craze around here.’


3 thoughts on “High Tech

  1. Shawna says:

    “My gravestone would say, beneath my name, ‘1959~1806”

    That is a truly original and fascinating thought. Well, at least the possibility has never occurred to me, and why not?! I very much love the alternate realities you’ve opened up to my imagination. Thank you.

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  2. Jules says:

    I actually knew your references. Except 3D virtual reality… I haven’t unwrapped my head around that …yet. I’ve just advance to a smart phone – that I still can’t figure out!!
    Though it kinda reminded me of a Drive-In movie screen… I’m dating myself 😉

    I grew up in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, moved a bit but I’ve been in PA for over 3 decades now. So PA is home!


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