Rory’s Morning Dawdler

What is the best way to cook an egg, and what is your favourite egg dish?

I enjoy all kinds of eggs, though If forced to choose I may pick scrambled. Hard or soft boiled, sunny side up, I can enjoy one and all. In spite of others’ claims I get a kick out of ketchup on eggs. I also don’t mind pineapples on pizza, nor do I think bacon is the greatest (though it is enjoyable) gift ever bestowed upon mankind.

What makes for a good listener, and are you one, or do you only hear people as noise? I try to be a good listener. People always tend toward some fairly more than slightly odd ways, and can be plum difficult to keep track of but I should assume I at least attempt to be reasonably fair and delightful that way.😎

How well can you control your emotions, and is it hard to keep them in check with moments and times when you feel passionate or angry with others or situations? It has always been my most accursed lot to be afflicted with intense emotions, combined with a less than averageg ability to keep them well bridled. It was exceptionally difficult, during me youth, to watch me step about things of that nature. I have as an adult, though, learned how at least reasonably well to tone things down. Patience is something I really have to work at.

Is it necessary for you to be remembered by others for your contribution to life? Nope.

This is one of Rory’s prompts but somehow I got it by way of the (can never remember her name) Bag Lady.


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