The Great Soprano

The great soprano’s voice had an eight-octave Range, and she was all the rage among the most important operatic circles.

Philomena Pompelmo would always have anxiety and panic attacks, however, whenever the world renowned conductor, Arturo Albondigas, was in charge.

One night, however, she finally stumbled upon a solution to all her most horrific woes, and she asked her boyfriend, Ennio Lampone, to lend her his scarf, which she wore throughout her entire performance.

Unbeknownst to her, however, it was covered with traces of his favorite cologne, Coniglio No. 5, to which both she and the world legendary conductor were drastically allergic.

Her performance went fabulously well at first until she got to the scene where Mimi developed consumption.

Suddenly the two most important figures in the entire night’s performance broke out in icy cold chills, hyperventilating incessantly, and were rushed to the hospital.

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