About Family

I am sixty three years old, and have never been lucky enough to meet the right woman and to get married so I have no children. As far as I know it would be nice to be remembered, after my death, but it is not necessary. I understand that people speak metaphorically of people who are not related, as if they are. I do not like that practice though. As far as I am concerned, if people are not related physically or legally, they are not related. Among other things it is so unforgivably corny. I have very traditional square ideas about family life. The prompt asks about how my thoughts and being multiply in the universe. Over the years I have influence others, and they have influenced me. I am not famous so my imprint has not gone especially far. Each of the people with whom I have significantly associated has turned me into what I am now. It has worked both ways.

10 thoughts on “About Family

  1. Paula Light says:

    I understand why people count close friends as family, but I’m with you, Larry ~ I consider only my daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren to be family. I have distant relatives too, but I don’t know them…


  2. Marlapaige says:

    So, I would like a touch of clarification as my friends are family too, for me. If friends can’t be family, how does a significant other become family? And, if after decades together, you ultimately break up with no ties other than the abiding friendship that lasted that long, are they no longer family because the law no longer sees it as so?

    Sorry, just trying to understand. I come from a ginormous extended family that adopts strays as we go, so other views are quite interesting to me.

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      1. Marlapaige says:

        But when does it become official? If you’ve been friend 20+ years and the whole family considers them a part of the family, how is that not official?

        And a gold band doesn’t make it official because if that gold band ends up not being on a finger anymore, that would then mean someone who had been around forever can’t be considered family anymore and the next person who wears one is automatically family.

        My ex’s family had a more drastic view than yours. Basically, they said that no s/o or wife would ever be family but the children conceived of the union would be because of blood. Basically, not invited to holidays but the kids would be. Leave your wife home and you come with the kids. Didn’t last long because their sons decided they could jump off a bridge and ended up at my family home where they were family. Their parents changed their silly rule, but I still wish they didn’t because it was painful to spend time with them. But the rebellion changed it for years. But it didn’t change the underlying thought process and that ultimately ended the relationship between parents and sons despite me saying it shouldn’t.

        So I understand the two polar opposite views, but everything in between kind of confounds me. So I truly am intrigued and confused. What do you mean official?

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  3. Reena Saxena says:

    You support Jim Rohn in the view that we are the average of 5 people closest to us. These may be influencers or authors we follow.

    One does not need to be famous to influence others. We touch several lives in a day through talking or writing.


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