Albert’s Puzzles

Albert, upon having put his Finger to his Chest, was forced to accept the simple fact that his hoary old heart wasn’t doing so well anymore.

His Concave labonza still fit reasonably well into most of his favorite shirts and sweaters so that was a bit of solace for him.

Ever since Sadie died he was forced to find new ways to keep busy. While she was alive, she would always find something for him to do but now he would have to take the initiative. Eventually he even joined a small group of local folks with a shared interest in Jigsaw puzzles.

When left alone at home he would sit quietly at his favorite desk, made of tortoise Shell, and simultaneously try to figure out a puzzle, and Stir whatever he wanted to eat that night.

One night, from out of nowhere, his front door Swung suddenly open and his oldest friends….Elmer, Zeke, Elzo, and Enio, waltzed over to him and Elmer complained, ‘You old goat, we know you’ve been feeling Damn Poorly these days, but the least you can do is help us with our puzzles every once in a while….unless, of course, you’ve been hatching some Deliberate plot to mess things up completely for us.

2 thoughts on “Albert’s Puzzles

  1. Jules says:

    I had to look up ‘labonza’ though I had an inkling…
    Life is a big puzzle.

    Especially when you ask for something that isn’t rountine test…at the Doc’s annual visit and then are sent to a specialist.. I think though – since I looked up the ‘thing’ that diet change will be the first option.

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