TMP83: Online Crooks And Scammers

I recently got a Hewlett Packard computer, to replace me Acer. All went well until slightly over a week ago. Having gotten into the habit of using Microsoft instead of Google Chrome, which I had used on me previous computer, I never expected anything to go wrong. Last week I must somehow have gone to a site I should never have messed with. From out of nowhere there was a large blue screen with a telephone number telling me that I must get in touch with someone at that number, because of the virus, which had infected me computer.

I called the number and got in touch with some character with an Indian(Pakistani?) accent. He said that because of the virus, which he conveniently temporarily fixed, I must pay him an obscenely large amount of money to get a virus protection program. It was in the hundreds of dollars. Naturally the more I spent, the better a deal I could count on getting. Unfortunately I took his word for it when he wanted me to download something into me computer. That turned out to be a mistake. Within a week there was another problem. The next time I spoke to two characters with that accent.

The second time it happened, instead of getting in touch with them again, I figured out a way to get out of Microsoft, and I switched to Google Chrome. Besides that I got a Norton Anti Virus program, which only costs about thirty dollars to install. Having not been the least bit familiar with things like that, I did not know what to expect, but I knew the prices those criminals gave me could not possibly be trusted. I wish I would have memorized their phone number. I could have shown it to you here.

6 thoughts on “TMP83: Online Crooks And Scammers

  1. Shawna says:

    What a nightmare. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I’m sure ours is in a similar state; it’s been nonfunctional for probably close to a year.

    I’m with you on decade obsession. I think I’d go back one further and say time should have frozen in the ’50s.

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  2. Yinglan says:

    Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. It makes me anxious when the computer doesn’t work right.
    By the way, not sure if you know, if you bought a PC, it comes with virus protection software installed. I believe it’s called Windows defender. I learned that the hard way after purchasing Norton for 2 years and Norton actually made my computer worse.

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