Memories May Be Beautiful And Yet

My offbeat talent is the ability to remember precise, usually irrelevant and unnecessary, details from so very long ago. I appear to have total recall of verbatim conversations even from the extremely distant past. That is not even counting the fact that I have memorized absolutely everything whatsoever from the 1960’s. I was born in 1959.

Many times over the years I have been known to confront someone with a reintroduction along the lines of ‘Hi, I remember you from that job we worked at for around six weeks during 1984,’ or some other such an obscure detail, reminiscing so perfectly about all the precise details. Naturally by now I have become familiar with, and resigned to, the inevitable uncontrollable stupefied smirk, blank stare, and eye roll.

I have also been so good at having perfect recall of all sorts of catch phrases from yesterday’s commercial jingles, television shows, movies, and other old pop cultural milestones. Unfortunately I am also more than somewhat lacking in the ability to take advantage of the kind of memory that is required to get by in everyday life. Unless I get a chance to be on a show like ‘Jeopardy!’ or ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ it will not ever make any money for me to have this overly daft ablity, but it has always struck folks a such a hoot.


11 thoughts on “Memories May Be Beautiful And Yet

      1. Jules says:

        I did like the one detective show where the guy had a ‘sound’ or ‘aduitory’ memory. He was some kind of retired ‘spy’ but was a professor…

        (My hubby knew what show I was talking about – but he couldn’t remember the name of the TV show either… )

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