Grandpa’s Thanksgiving

‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ Arthur told his son, daughter, in law, and grandchildren.

‘Grandpa,’ his grandson Tommy said, ‘the Pilgrims and Injuns didn’t eat breakfast as their official Thanksgiving meal. They ate supper, with turkey and those kinds of things.’

‘That’s true,’ Grandpa said, ‘but did you know that even more importantly, breakfast was the main part of their feast?. Everyone who knows anything knows that the supper with turkey was just for show. They knew folks would be showing up so’s they could record it and put it into the history books so they could make a big occasion of it on a Thursday every November. They thought breakfast food was so ordinary and droll, so they went whole hog.’

‘O really?’ his granddaughter Margaret asked.

‘Yeah,’ he said. Everyone knows, it’s in the history books, how snooty a bunch of attention hogs Pilgrims and Injuns were. John Ford even made a lot of movies about things like that. They’d’ uh done pert near anything to be noticed. Why do you think, in all those paintings of them, they’re always dressed so darn funny?’


3 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Thanksgiving

  1. Sadje says:

    Haha! Love this ingenious take on this image Larry. My knowledge of the original thanksgiving is very little , but I totally believe your version. 😃Thanks a lot for joining in.


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