The Distinctive Family

Skeleton – Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

Dale and Emily were visiting his Aunt Clara and Uncle Ralph.

‘Wow,’ Dale said. ‘They certainly have an awful lot of skeletons in their closet.’

‘Be fair,’ Emily said. ‘Everyone has a past.’

‘Come here,’ he said. ‘I was talking about these real skeletons. What kind of weird problems do you think even they could possibly have to explain such a collection of bones?’

‘You have a lot of odd relatives,’ she said. ‘Remember Uncle Marco, who refuses to make left turns, or Cousin Anneliese, who is so terrified of odd numbers?

Just then Aunt Clara and Uncle Ralph entered the room and offered each of their younger relatives a glass of champagne in order to celebrate a new interest they were currently involved with.

‘This champagne tastes awfully seriously funny,’ Dale said to Emily.


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