A Clean Gentleman

Whirligig 388

My Linens inevitably get as Dirty as anyone’s

sometimes I take them to the laundromat but I can Wash them as well at home

so I don’t Think about it either way

my fingers shake because I was on heavy medication when I was young so I can never Fold them perfectly

recently (and often over the years) I Tore the material on some of my nicest clothing

naturally I try to keep the contents of my Closets Clean

in hopes that my hampers will not get too full

one never knows when Mrs. Who¬Am¬I¬To¬Judge? and Mrs. Hypocrite¬Hunter will pay a call in an attempt to subject me to a white glove test although their entitled assumptions don’t Matter

an undeniable advantage of the laundromat is that I get to interact with random strangers, among whom no one is in a position to point out anyone else’s dirty laundry

naturally at those times I shall always have been so very careful to have Removed any Paper(upon which I have written my examination of conscience) from my pockets.

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “On Reading Allen Ginsburg’s ‘Homework'” by Andrea Carter Brown: fold, dirty, linens, tore, think, wash, closets, matter, clean, strangers, removed, paper

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