A Very Important Memory

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: September 13, 2022

When I was a very young boy I asked my mother, being young ,

‘Mom, may I please do this? All the other boys are doing it.’

being such a predictably true blue Ma, she replied, ‘If all the other boys jumped off the Robert Moses Bridge, would you?’

having heard which, I eagerly replied, ‘Yes.’

The next morning at school, Father Mulligan made an announcement during homeroom.

‘Thomas S and William D both drowned last evening, having jumped from the Robert Moses Bridge’

on the anniversary of that fateful day, each year, I always go to the bridge,

stare down quietly into the water’s endless Depth,

wondering whether mixed in among all the brine, sand, and Chemicals,

may be found two long missed friendships

still waiting for me to take them up on their defiant dare

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