If We Were Having Coffee Together On Friday, August 5, 2022

Please sit down and enjoy a nice piping hot cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer. Unfortunately there was no Inklings meeting either last Friday or this afternoon, nor will there be one next week. They are busy with something else. I have been spending a significant amount of time on Reddit these days. They have so many interesting posts there. Unlike Facebook, I do not know anyone on Reddit, nor do I keep in touch with anyone on a kind of friend list. It is a good means of getting ideas and insight about a wide range of topics.

Claire’s meeting last Saturday morning went well. There will not be a class tomorrow. She is visiting family in Colorado. To have a Zoom meeting she would have to be available at 7:00 a.m. Terence’s meeting was also good. He was not there. There were only nine of us, which is much worse attendance than recent nights. Last night Peggy did not have a Carmelite meeting either. This past week has been so very quiet. Fraser and I went to Costco where I purchased a very inexpensive pair of shoes. I desperately needed them. My last pair fell apart.

Last Saturday we had a nice party with seventeen people, mostly cousins. It was good to be able to see them. Michael, Erin, and Sophie were here too. Inevitably I ate and drank too much. Because of the party, Bridget drove me crazy shopping all day on Friday at Costco and King Kullen. Ever since me really early days, I have never enjoyed food shopping but it was unavoidably mandatory. Today, as usual, I got a tuna salad sandwich on rye bread at the Lido Kosher Deli. It is a good way to take advantage of me Fitbit, which has been getting a lot of use.

Because we are now in the beginning of August, Duolingo has another monthly challenge. I got mine finished on the second. Lately, difficult as it has always been for me, I have been patient with it, and went out of me way to put a lot of effort into it so I could accumulate a thousand points as soon as possible. As with Italian and Spanish, verb tenses and parts of speech get me crazy. It has, though, been getting easier for me lately with practice. Let us hope I can soon do well.

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